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       had a weekend
       became a turtle
       work and sick
       had a weekend
       artemis and rpgs and florida
       had a weekend
       watched a new thing that was pretty ok (it was curling)
       we have an event
       it's a picnic
           leaving UC black chairs at 5PM friday
       another event
       it's mafia
           bucca di beppo
           rsvp pls at cmukgb.org/rsvp
       procrastinated by being kgb productive
       wiki is great
       bought stuff for house at event
       furry bowling
       Has a big exam :(
       Has a credit card terminal for auction winners
       had a weekend
       bought an easy bake oven
       wrote a paper
       eat food pls


   glorious people's free food committee
       there's food
       eat it please
   doesn't wanna give up their power committee
       mike can't move on
   retroactive time travel committee
       teenage mutant ninja turtles
   fun facts
       nostalgia is dumb


   Sonia has the thing but Dylan has the thing???
       Jeffery gets the thing for stress


   Motion to create the committee naught to assassinate the president
       Purpose: to naught assassinate the president in a shower of nerf darts
       Murphy don't care
       Nika does care
       Motion to tie up this committee and the president in knots
       It passed
       Bought by Dylan for $5
       Chaired by Dylan and not Joe
   Motion to create the standing rule that Dylantory should mean dilatory
       it's definitely an idea
       3 strokes
       Joe is bad at computer golf
       play golf with friends
       that passed?
   Motion to create a standing rule such that a motion to a perfectly normal Motion is always in order
       what just happened?
   Motion to create a standing rule that all motions made after this one containing the substring "out of order" are out of order
   Motion to have just made an out of order motion
       stop dismissing deer lord
   Motion to create a quota of ___ for how many times Brian can troll Skye per meeting
       That failed
   Motion to create the startup spelling bee committee
       purpose: use the website angel.co to look up startup names and have a spelling bee on them
       sold to Murphy for $1
       Chaired by murphy and startup spelling bee champions
   Exec get it together
   Motion to rename Exec to KGB Ball Storage 
       Amendment time!
   Motion to create a standing rule such that something with a committee and somehting with exec?
       It passed o.O
   Motion to not exceed $150 for the event
   Motion to make all the standing rules sit down
       It passed
   Motion to make the awe and order committee
       purpose: to invite all the out of order committee members and flop on them
       it passed
       bought by Joe for $1 chaired by everyone in the out of order club except Brian
   Motion to make the business filthy casual comittee
       purpose: to change what business filthy casual means to be two children in a trenchcoat and hat pretending to be an adult so they can do a business
       it passed
       sold to joe for $1 chaired to like some children i think
   We are now in purple
   Motion to business but no coffee
       purpose: zzzzzz
       it passed
       sold to murphy for $1 chaired to people who take the abstention actions too literally
   Motion to put the 2vp in the corner committee
       purpose: you think you're a badass but he's coming back with a vengence
       sold to murphy for $1 chaired to people who respect murphy i think
   Motion to make real kgb members committee
       purpose: where did we come from???
       it passed
       sold to mike for $1 chaired to all kgb members ever
   Motion to standing rule to create KGBeers in reference to all KGB members 21+
       It passed
   Motion to make the out of order committee
       postponed indefinitely
   Motion to make the KGB Superlatives Committee
       purpose: motion to give people awards for good comments
       It passed
       Sold to Harry $2 for me and anyone not in a superlative


   LDOC Picnic
       This Friday UC Black Charis 5PM
       Go to Bartlet
       Next Wednesday UC Black Chairs 4:45PM
       Dress fancy
       Bucca Di Beppo
       RSVP Please at cmukgb.org/rsvp
   Pay Joe please
       It's Mike Nick Dylan and Jack and Tim
   Exec meetings Wenesday UC306 4:30


   Mari is a dork and has a yearbook
   Exec is pretty cool sometimes
   ITR is this Saturday