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       Event was cold
       Brunch for dinner 
       Jupiter Ascending sucked
       Checked their spam filter and found 30 emails from farmersonly.com
       Hot farmers in their area
       Juggled at the event
       We have an event
       It's Mafia leaving at 4:45 PM Wednesday UC Black Chairs
       Moved in and has lots of keys
       Rin signed Dylan up for farmers stuff
       Proms are awkward
       Joe got money
       Was in a cool convertible
       Made Hunt less shitty (but it's probably gonna stay shitty :( )


   Sign language is cool!
   Mike still had a weekend (let it go)
   The yarn everything committee has a LOT of projects
   Movie moments wanted their hair to dry but then it whooshed while biking
   Benedict Cumberbatch Committee changes its name to Bombadill Cunningsnatch
   Putin on the Ritz!
   Committee to not assassinate the president is succeeding
   Loose lip syncing?
   I missed another bad joke


   Murphy has the spirit of the thing for their finals


   Motion to make the Stupid Wikihow Articles committee
       Purpose: http://www.wikihow.com/Be-an-Awesome-Werewolf + that
       How to pee on a bus => How to not pee on a bus
       How to get a girl to like you involves no self mutilation
       MOOOOON: The next full moon is on May 21st
       It passed
       Sold to Harry for $4 for the KGB Furries Committee
   Michael Woolford, Dillon Lareau, Zora Gilbert Memorial Committee
       Purpose: To honor their memory
       No we're not killing them
       Sold to Owen for $1 to all the best friends and friends forever
   People who craft but are mathematically challenged committee
       Erin counted from 29 to 40
       Tim's friend couldn't do 6
       Owen won booth
       It passed
       $3 to Murphy to people who craft and can't count
   Motion to make the relics of the past committee
       purpose: To collect all of the lists of numbers their physics professors have handed to them and show them wolfram alpha and old peopel
       Mike doesn't need numbers
       KGB knows when the sun sets
       $2 to Mike to everyone
   Better Science Committee
       purpose: How do your booths work? They surf through the air on defferential waves
       We can change physics
       Dylan a dollar to like wolves or something
   Produce for Robots Committee
       Purpose: replace robots with produce
       $2 to Joe to John Madden
   Make it Rain 15% of a job committee
       They have to give us old people money
       Caroline to $6 for everyone
   Sonia Memorial Committee
       It was on a roll
       It passed
       Sold to Sonia for $3 to Anyone who doesn't make something puns
   Everyone but Jack Penick Memorial Committee
       Purpose: Pretty sure he's dead already from laughter (just like i'm dead inside)
       Sold to Jack for $1 to anyone who doesn't call him laugh track jack
   Standing rule to call All members of the KGB "Laugh Track All members of the KGB" or "All members of the KGBal"
       That failed (you all are jerks)
   TedX Cruz is the Zodiac Killer Committee
       Let people give ted talks
       It passed
       Sold Joe $3 to Joe and Ted Cruz


   We have an Event
       Mafia Night
       UC Black Chairs 4:45PM Dress Fancy and money for food/transit
   We have summer meetings
       Mondays at 5:30 on the steps of Doherty

IMAGINARY (yet still relevant) ANNOUNCEMENTS

   Mari has a yearbook
   Take my RSVP dear lord
   Tomorrow night in Rashid CMUCC is watching Overdrawn at the Memory Bank 9pm
   Tomorrow night is almost midnight breakfast
   Wednesday is meeting of the minds and you should go
   We will miss you Glenn :(