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       Yay parents!
       No work
       Worked a lot :(
       Stayed up all night Saturday
       Then listened to a podcast
       Then went for a walk to Eat and Park
       Saw former physics teacher smoking and drinking?
       Mistakes were made
       Quiplash is dead!
       AI is weird
       Something about modern architecture


   Rare pepes are real
   The committee to assassinate the president is no longer owned by the president!
   Skye hates 1/5 kgb members
   Produce Zora Seafood


   Choosing the right question to answer
       We have no data to answer this question, so pretend it doesn't exist
       It failed :(
   Two Wheel MVP
       Murphy's bike is the real MVP
       It passed
       Sold to Murphy $1
       Chaired by all 2VPs with/are bikes
   Wake the KGB up inside
       I don't know, I'm two tired to think of one
       It passed
       Sold to Quxuum $6
   Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring
       Banana Phone
       I hate this organization
       It passed
       Sold to Broman $2
       I don't understand who chairs this
   Phallic Nomenclature
       The firm?
       It passed
       Sold to Quxuum $32
       That's what she said
       Sold to Broman $2
       Chaired by whoever needs it really badly
   Zora "Pittsburgh Lied To Me About Spring" Gilbert memorial committee
       How did they do it
       Zora's minutes are really good
       It passed <3
       Sold to Quinn $2
       Levinn furniture
   Get Rekt Sect
       Uh what was it ...?
       kill shrek memes
       All that glitters is not gold
       It passed
       Sold to Broman $2
       Ghosts of Rec Sex passed and future
   KGB as a hole
       We get a lot of shovels and dig forever
       It passed
       Sold to Broman $11
       Chaired by Broman (you're the worst)
   C++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ language standard life advice
       Undefined behavior floating on this crazy ship called life
       Goal: NuLL
       It passed
       Sold to Dylan $1
       Chaired by anyone who's ever dereferenced a null pointer
   Allocation $50 for event
       It's a good idea
   We did it reddit!
       Reddit never does anything
       Motion to postpone til November 14th
           It passed
   Who's minutes are they anyway?
       Where the committees are made up and the auction money matters
       It passed
       Sold to Quinn $1
       Chaired by beds
   Motion to make a standing rule that /fanfiction is always in order and puts us in fanfiction
       It passed


   Midsemester Movie Night
       7PM Friday DH A302
       There's a poll on facebook
   Booth vote next week
   Come to exec
   We're gonna reprint CTFWS shirts
       Vote on the poll
       Also send designs to exec@cmukgb.org
   KGB Literally kills a man
       Muder Mystery
       Please RSVP

SHMUCKS Game night Wednesday 615-830

   Union project stanton and negley

ITR on Saturday

   10PM Wean 4 table
   Stab your friends

Star trek!

   Sunday 730 DHA302

Wearing a History

   Buy Skye's T-shirts

/fanfiction GTFO