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Minutes 9.4.2017

Officer Reports

Dylan- Definitely owns laundry Detergent

Katie- Shelby takes over Had honeymoon

Ian- Eh.

Quinn- Henry- Art things, no spheres, no physics

Dez- Av system hell, strings suck

Joe- Everyone's computers are broken, Stats are wrong?

Kate- Homework, unexpected family time

Committee Reports:

   Stupid history
       -Japanese sub was sunk by a US potato (literally a potato)
   Starfleet tactical operations
       -Discovery's almost here
   Visual pun archaeology
       -Down escalator.  Elevator located in China
   Existing Committee
       -Continued Success
   Holofractal Committee
       -Disbands, math is bullshit
   Worms Memorial Committee
   Committee to Burn Down R7
       -R7 is having a party?
       -Cool people only
   Stupid Travelling
       -Woke up at 4:30 for a round-trip car ride in the middle of a roundtrip carride
       -One in the Bank
   Assassinate the PResident
       -That's our Job, Matt

Old Business:

       -Muscle Memory from Sarge is not Nika's fault

New Business:

   Giving the SAA a Heart Attack Committee
       -Purp: Act as a shell for the Committee to Assasssinate the President
       -Quinn's Report [she came back to mtg]: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
       -$2 to Nika 
       -Chair: Kate's actual heart (which Nika will Harvest)
   Wicker Man Animated Committee
       -Purp: The oppossite of a Live-Action Bee Movie
       -Something Something Bee Emoji
       -$3 to Matt
       -Chair: Nick Cage, Jerry Seinfeld
   Standing rule about \Fanfiction from last year
   Out of Ouederves Committee
       -Purp: Sneak into high-class parties and steal finger food
       -A high class party is one with Red *and* White Wine
       -newpurp: Sneak into parties and stieal finger food, bougeois
       -$3 Liam
       -Chair: Whoever ate the most Ouerderves in the past 3 months
   Robbing Liquor Stores and Crashing Lonely Funerals Committee
       -Purp: Pretty much that
       -$4 Quuxum
   Crappy Communism Committee
       -Purp: Read home-made manifestos at mtg
       -Purp: Crappy Communism Committee Party, aka CCCP
       -$2 Quinn
       -Chair: Em
   Standing Rule Banning entry of Emoji into the Minutes as to avoid Tormenting the RecSec
       -Oh god, the Freshmen are Learning
   Standing rule to Credenza soemthing something
   Ahistorical KGB Committee
       -Purp: Like the Normal KGB, but with no minutes
   Create KGB Minnuettes
       -Purp: Make Nice Songs
       -Purp: Replacing the Minutes with a recording of the RecSec singing the Minutes
       -Purp: Replace the minutes with a video of automatones walking around campus singing the minutes
       -Chair: Anyone willing to animate that
   Real anouncements:
       -Telling stories? Talk to Ian
       -Dress in Conspicuous