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NOTE: Minutes from 2017-10-30 to 2017-12-03 were written by hand. What is posted here is a transcription; the originals will be placed in the KGB archive. Some editor's notes from Dez have been included. Handwritten format has been preserved to the best of the editor's ability. Name spellings/name changes have been updated to recent preference as of time of transcription.

KGB Mins 11/13/17


   -Dylan: CTFWS ~ only 1 was right on trivia
   -Katie: Ugrad ->Master's Ohgod Master's
   -Ian: CTFWS -- Judge and shitpost
   -Ellen: 120 people @ CTFWS, cold
   -Dez: Jacket is also for longsword
   -Joe: Tartan is about dumb meritocracy?


   -Curiosity killed the Cat Furry
       -Owo, what's this?
   -We have a football team
       -Trophy? poor mistakes on both teams?
           |_Oh god what?
   -Election of 1800
       -Don't vote for Jefferson b/c he ded
   -I'm a scientist and I hate my life
       -If you assume geocentricity Aether theory is confirmed


       -Liam; Jack Thompson
   -Ohgod life advice...
       -Halloween is....


   -KGB the Kard game
       -Flux expansion, we already have a complicated ruleset
       -Flux -> MTG
       -$3 M
       -Anyone willing to play MTG
   -Differ. Electrolysis
       -Skin into smooth surface
       ->Differentiable Moisturizer
       -$6 M
   -Sit down Bathtub Full of Saliva Rule
   -Mario Odde. Mindjacking
       -is it getting killed and revived or is it watching?
       -Newpurp->so trees aren't alive?
       -Name <- I'm the lorax and I like to jive
       -Purp.append("and the trees tell you to stfu")
       -$4 M
       -People who believe in the carve-out ad campaign to say "go Steelers"
   -The floor is magma
       -I misinformed you it's magma not Lava
       -$2 Henry
   -Cuphead the Hedgehog
       -New OC's
       -Name <- Spongecup Hedgehead
       -Name <- Johnny Bravo and the Prisoner of Azkaban & Knuckles
       -$4 Fable
       -uncomf sexual cupdea OC [Ed. Note: typo maintained from original transcript]
   -Standing Rule: Any com or purp with sonic or cuphead in name or purp gets "& Knuckles" appended