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NOTE: Minutes from 2017-10-30 to 2017-12-03 were written by hand. What is posted here is a transcription; the originals will be placed in the KGB archive. Some editor's notes from Dez have been included. Handwritten format has been preserved to the best of the editor's ability. Name spellings/name changes have been updated to recent preference as of time of transcription.

KGB Mins [scratches made with pen] 11/20/17


   Dylan - So many obscure chess, Malloc, grad school hell
   Katie - Even Scaife, Stapled backpack, watergun
   Ian - Chess variants ? Stage II of cold
   Ellen - 112 term proj Dez (talk) Pravda?!
   Dez - Nothing
   Joe - Literacy is over/underrated
   Kate - HW during ev? Booth!


   -OFF Haiku
       -Utilization, internal fragmentation; segmentation fault
   -All math should be done in Esperanto
       -Fuck topology
       -Reg/normal not the same
       -T 3.5 exists?
       -T3 -> T1 & Norm
       -T4 -> T1 & Reg
   -Shit paintbros say in critique
       -You made this just because you wanted to? That strikes me as selfish
   -How do gears work?
       -Vert 3d-print so struts for filing off IN fine teeth
   -Stupid History
       -Kryptonite was created for radioshow so Superman could moan in pain for weeks instead of real voice actor
   -Prog less adhoc wat
   -War Criminal Assoc
       -Economies are for countries who don't want to sponsor terrorism


   -Thing - Aren: 122 & 150 being due on the same day


   -Editorial apprec Com
       -MMM, smalls commemorative/why does the man need a haircut, dammit?
       -Newpurp: who's this nice mustache man
       -$5 Fable
   -Who taught the Frosh "Is you joke good?" [Editor's Note: ANGERY]
   -Vote of no conf in Registrar
   -Shit boardgames have taught me
       -Much to the detriment of Mankind I have learned much from boardgames
       -Training a Neuralnet to play Twilight Imperium until it invents Psycho-History [Editor's Note: Psycho-History is the main conceit of Isaac Asimov's "The Foundation".]
       -32 Pawns
       -$10 Gidon [Henry]
   -Ethics Committee
       -We have an Ethics Committee?
       -Failed [by existence] [pres ruined justice]
   -Happy sched accidents
       -Mtgs & evs & exec evenly spaces [Mon 4:30, Wed 5:45, Fri 7:00]
       -Symmetry used as Facade for order where there is none
       -$3 Tim [Me, kind of likes dealing w/dates]
   -KGB Lib front
       -Those anarchists at Pitt & Student Solidarity Coalition & IRA????
       -Warcrims formally endorse "freedom"
       -PASS by abstension
       -$5 Henry [everyone who loves Freedom]
   -Dark Secrets which shall not be taught to Freshmen
   -Standing rule: "You just activated my trap card" = OBJECTION if used dir after SHADOW REALM


   -Go if can
   -GEEKEAT ~-- RSVP cmukgb.org/eat
   -BOOTH ~ Des. Mtgs @Sun 2pm
   -Annual Mtg -> 4/23/18