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NOTE: Minutes from 2017-10-30 to 2017-12-03 were written by hand. What is posted here is a transcription; the originals will be placed in the KGB archive. Some editor's notes from Dez have been included. Handwritten format has been preserved to the best of the editor's ability. Name spellings/name changes have been updated to recent preference as of time of transcription.

Editor's Note for the 11/27 minutes: the phrase "little fucker" is underlined four or five times in the original version. The phrase "Old" appears in the left margin before "OLD BIZ", and the word "NEW" has been scratched out where the "OLD" should have been. On the back side of the paper, towards the top right, a pencil rubbing of a portion of the edge of the notepad from which the editor takes his paper can be seen. Additionally, an arrow pointing to the F in +1F595 can be seen, and the word "Unicode" at its tail. An attempt to recreate the scenario in the wiki's moderate text editor has been made, but it is not perfect.

Mins 11/27/17


       -Nj, parents bought dinner
       -Thanksgiff, not enough werk
       -Friends of mom for Thanksgiff
       -3d-printer hell
       -"Oh hey there's a mountain across the street, go climb it"
       -Drove long way, [mimes driving]
       -Greyound and also programming, two 11-y-o's quietes [Editor's note: no idea what "quietes" meant here]


   -Shit games taught me
       -Sausages have parity that's hard to change
       -Variant of Catan with oil, global warming can happen and make everyone lose
       -The UN will pay you for global warming
       -If there's a world-ravaging plague and you fuck up, the UN will pay you *more* $$
   -Pop Occultism
       -A new outlook doesn't bring new friends; just misery and user questions
       -Design mtgs in Wean


   -Thing: Bork [aaaaaa]


   -Greyhound Cryptids
       -Document the horrible urbanist absurdist fiction that is the Greyhound Bus station
       -Bork in Greyhound hell
       -THEME SONG: Alice Isn't Dead theme
       -$9 Dez [Satan, Lord of Graph Theory]
   -Motion to allocate $50
       -"..... by acclimation, you little fucker"
   -Standing Rules
       -We're the standing rules now...
       -Name <- Standing Rules!
       -Standing <- Science
       -Them Song <- chanted "Bill! Bill! ..."
       -Theme <- Bill Nye
       -Chant <- prevtheme
       -Bill Nye the Science Guy <- Neil Degrasse Tyson, Science Bison
       -$2 Tim ["me... for now"]
   -Slippery Slope Com
       -Having official things for all the coms is a very fun diversion
       -Theme <- Mario Slide theme
       -Purp <- ???
       -Theme of Warcriminal Assoc <- God Bless America
       -Mascot <- Fursona                   unicode
       -Soundfont <- Mario 64                ↓
       -Name <- Dez's middle finger -~-~-~ +1F595
       -Passed by "everyone flipped me off"
       -$4 Bork [DC vs Heller, dangerous precedent]