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   - Prez: Ian sick. Henry is Ian. Weekend. Henry assassinated me. He won.
   - Dez: got gloves. oh.
   - Kate: thinking of weekend reports.
       Event: LDOC = last day of class picnic.
       Bartlett shelter in schenley, 5.30pm Friday at the black chairs
       Next event: mafia night. need RSVP, form online
       Dress fancy.
   - Ellen: got kgb scarf for a dollar. pravda submission by this week.
   - Janny: saw $25 dollars olive garden card sold for $6. Then saw catering by olive garden next day.
   - Aren: bought stuff. But apparently Aren has no protective equipments.
       Oh there are gloves now. and an umbrella.
       People shake their coins really intensely.
       problems carrying treasury.
   - Mitchell: weekend. calling Santa Satan. Learning with stable matching, matching the pope with someone.


   - storytelling com
       used to have satan. it was so bad that santa was made to replace it.
   - stupid comics fun facts com
       spiderman comic. flying around heli with name painted on it
       caused earthquake and dropped a cube.
   - stupid power rangers facts
       categorizing power rangers - adapted well, adapt poorly, didnt adapt, etc?
       gingaman - 5 shamans using elemental power of earth
       pr last galazy - pr in space, did well. space invaders video game in space
       stupid plot. legit pr death
   - assassinate the prez
       added new members for board = kate, dylan, em shooting intensely
   - treasurer shit
       7 times heavier wow
   - com to assassinate treasurer
       dropped a bunch of coins on aren's umbrella
   - bad nuke history
       7 megawatt nuke powerplant floating on the sea - nuclear titanic
   - nuclear near miss com
       24 mov 1961, air command head quarters, lost contact with multiple sites at same time
       turns out all sites were not independent. just a system in colorado.
   - booth com
       still have some shirts
   - people randomly raised hands


   - joy has the thing. joy still wants it.
   - dylan wants: procedure isn't your fault. everyone else incl. everyone participating in procedure.
   - tim: motion to delay till next week, actual prez can deal with them -> no
       em: go through one by one, decide which one to table
       - orders:
       1. dylan. no relation with ctap
           - table 1 month, antiseconded, strongest motion every made, 2 favors
           - c to q: dylan t vrana committee. i don't know you, we have no relation with the ctap.
           - dylan 21. chair: henry
       2. alloc $15 bigger better gun for com to as prez
           - joe: it's a good idea
           - em: objection: mod to $25
               tres report: yes
             - matt: table -> no, funnier now
             - joe: strongarm nerf gun, $12.99 on amazon
             - em: wants $20 one that shoots ball
             - tim: want bigger better gun -> can't get strongarm
             - em's bullet stuck in dez's hair. mfy keeps putting things in the hair
             - c to q: favor=stop existing, oppose=exist, abstain=squid
                 - joe: possible to demand voting system?
                 - point of metaphysics: think of many things that don't exist
                 - em: consciousness/physical? -> useless
           -c to q: favor=don't shoot dez. oppose=shoot dez. em shoots twice. abstain=squid.
                 - mfy sits in silence.
                 - that passed.
       3. pepsi alloc <= $15 for this week's event
           - liam: change to peppis product & postpone for 1 week
               - there is only one friday left
               - tres report? 2 reports for pepsi & otherwise?
                   -joe: alloc are there to make sure we don't run out of money.
                   -tim: as long as <=$15 for pepsi, others = anything incl. pepsi
               - aren: change to bepsis? not seconded.
               - c to q: hands. squid. failed.
                   call to vote by div of house -> what
           - c t q:
               objection: #define pepsi as coke -> not an obj
               objection: henry just wants to object
               passed by abstention.


   - kate: alloc <= $100 for this week's event
       dez can't say it that quickly but ok
       obj: henry just likes to object to things, that was established
       favor=exist. oppose=hands. squid. passed
         p of info=can you use exist??
   - motion #define exist = hands
       c to q: favor=feet, oppose=curl into a ball. abs=exist
   - report from S@A that exists = S@hands
   - m to left shift exec by one = shift position. no S@A but dez for prez
       very dylantory
   - m to suspend the rule
   - m to create the floor is lava com
       purpose = provide early warning system in which floor = lava
       henry: feeting right com = OBJ FUCKER THIS IS MINE
       - m to table indefinitely.
           good idea
           call to vote by division of house. people coming into the place and ring the bell.
               tiebreaker = just choose
           dez "flipped the coin" and it passed. the coin flipped by gravity.
           do other coins get to vote
   - m to create stupid power rangers facts com
       purpose: pr and ss facts
       c to q: favor=hands
               oppose=hated sentai = hentai, senpai notice me
       sold to matt $6. chair=matt and everyone else who enjoys pr & ss
   - com to bribe s@a
       purpose: good job mfy how much do i owe you next week
       - dez not prez so mfy doesn't move
       c to q: passed by abstention
       sold to henry $1. chair=dez
   - corruption task force com
       purpose: to corrupt all of execc
       - p of info = how much embezzlement? how much stuff did you buy?
       - joe: eh
       - p of inquiry = corrupt meaning? all of the above
       - p of info = if destroy kremlin & r7 shower? not corrupted just disgusting
       discussion = it's a bad/good idea
       c to q: passed
       sold to joe for $20 (i have a job). chair=joe and ian.


   - event: LDOC = uc black chairs 5.30pm, eat food, hang out with friends.
       drown fear of finals
   - next: mafia night, form on fb. dress fancy
   - exam week meeting should still be in this room
   - real question about supplies
   - tres: remember to pay dues and auction debts
       report from tres: we alloc'd $69.69. made $420.


   - em: 420 is a great num. 69.69 is two great nums
       liam: it's just same number twice. 
       SALUTE EM softly
   - kate: shirts. get shirts. message kate if you want it.
   - tim: purple purple seafoam green at this point im convinced this is just the same set of colors every damn week
       kate: obj. prefer to swooce right out
       motion to awoo = awoo even though it sat down. may be subject to fines?