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   - Fake Ian: liam. weekend, picnic. stayed overnight at underground. sleep deprived. :(
   - Fake Dez: rauen. ran into dez on way back on campus. board game with henry till unhealthily late
   - Kate: picnic. exam at 8.30 today. learned fav type of year.
       Event: Mafia night (on board: who the fuck is cjwong?) RSVPed but have 1 free spot.
           cjwong & cam are both registered for the event. not joy or rauen
           meeting at black chairs at 5.15, wednesday
           bring id to get on buses & train.
   - Ellen: helmut didn't show up to LDOC. new pravda. can submit during summer.
   - Janny: ldoc. on the way back bus driver drove right past.
   - Aren: ldoc. played 10 hours of game. good weekend.
   - Mitchell: illiano went dadadadada during class. roasted meat at ldoc while raining


   - bitcoin dropped. 3d printing could be blockchained. biggest mistake ever made?
       tim: actually below 9000 but increased a bit
       em: blame warren buffett for that
   - c to assassinate prez. waiting to present body of prez within 24 hours to declare success
   - nuclear near miss. ussr detected icbm. refused the alarm since system untested & america would shoot more than 5
   - misapp. c to assassinate prez: 251 as a new member
   - helmut vogel appreciation. letter from church in shadyside. list of birthday in may -> vogel = may 22nd
   - stupid history. death of emperor Aurelian roman emperor who restored rome
       -> conquered all 3 parts, anticorruption by secretary, forged documents for emperor to murder higher ups


   - dylan has the thing.
       -> aren wants the thing. not fault = game loop only able to play for 10 hours
       -> liam tried to make the joke. liam's inability to make a joke is aren's fault this week
   - should be dez's report: meetings during summer. run by whoever the fuck wants to do it. 5.30pm in doherty
       p of info: leaving hell for summer? congrats. can i send a proxy? no
   - orders of the day: none


   - em: standing rule of awoo.
       joe: table indef.
           objection: table till 1st meeting of next year. unfriendly but strong.
               table until next year: passed
   - henry: com to ruin movie night
       purr: don't know how to pirate things. put movies into then for someone who knows how to pirate
         p of insertion: you know how to pirate right?
           p of clarification: is p of info a thing?
               dylan: p of info is to ask a question to the chair
                 p of shut the fuck up no one cares
                     p of order: not real
                       q of privilege: fuck you
       m to have people say things after being called upon
       m to replace 'ruin' with 'fix'
       m to surround fix with quotation marks.
       m to replace fix with upgrade.
       m to the right. out of order.
       m to replace 'up' with up arrow
       henry: my hand is comfortable like this
       joe: my arm is comfortable like this.
       c to q: "[uparrow]grade" movie night
           passed. -> $1 to henry. chair: the oxes
   - liam: standing rule. point of fuck you is always in order.
       not strong.
       amend to always out of order.
   - dylan: standing rule. point of fuck you is always out of order.
       p of f u: fuck you
         -> out of order?
         -> it's always out of order originally
       tim: not the greatest idea but neither was the other thing
       m to make this a comm -> dylantory
   - em: \[ in order and enter us into math mode. antiseconded.
   - joe: m to forget all motions.
   - em: m to make anyone who understand roberts rule of order be the chair?
       kate: only dylan & tim? so no
       liam: appropriate previous copy to fix execc
         dylan: pry it from my cold dead hand but fine
   - tim: m to create pokemon appreciation com
       purr: express appreciation to all the pokemons in the world.
       liam: henry is chair then chair = all his stupid pokemons
       em: table indef since digimon > pokemon
           obj: i don't like it
       em: table for 5 minds
       rauen: henry's 5th smeargle approves
           liam: means you have a fursona now
       em: m to replace pokemon with smeargles
       passed.-> $5 to tim. chair = all the helper pokemons in the world
   - em: p of something i don't fucking know. apparently the reason they want 3d printers on blockchain so people can't hack them
   - rauen: mt o create standing rule called motion to fuck the future
       do it during committee = postpone to 3 years start of ellen's senior year. later then table for 1 week.
       liam: i can make this dilatory.


   - exam in MM103 today so need to leave early.
   - Event: Aren- Mafia night. i'm kate. black chairs at 5pm. dress fancy. rsvp but if not tell kate
   - Event: Movie night ran by Dez. details in facebook group. friday 7pm possibly in minirashid
   - Aren: pay debts from useless stuff auction.


   - liam: m to change buca di beppo -> beppi
   - cclub movie night.
   - em: playing game during summer
   - henry: kgb goes to baseball game. pirates not a good team but fun to watch.
   - aren: summer1 watch anime with aren. anything that's not like shit
       p of info: prison school is shit? no -> then what is your standards
   - tim: pirates in town fri, sat, sun. against sanfrancisco giants
          delaying things for 3 years <- did that a while back. will come back next year.
          summer & part time work -> ideate looking for some people,
   - liam: ppl with culinary standards. going out to eat. it will be buca di beppis
   - meeting during summer: meet at 5.30pm in doherty. talk and get food in oakland. lowkey. come by if you're in town.
   - tim: who are you guys?
       we are exec. we meet sometimes. not this week. exec meeting in buca? no. will meet next year though
   - liam: purple purple seafoam green all those colors.
       tim: append good luck at finals and have a good summer. no. stole liam's thunder
       em: append awoo.
       tim: give liam thunders back.