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General Body Meeting - August 27, 2018


   - Ian: had a summer. software engineer for bio lab. didn't back up code. ended up deleting all. had to make from scratch. 
   - Dez: had a summer. 
       - new members:
           Nihal, math & ece. nj.
           marie. neuroscience. ny. don't like bees
           jess. bio. philadelphia. like sleep.
           nick.  chem. mass. have hands
           clara. business. ohio. ohio is least interesting
           lila. bio. ny. take notes with pencil
           charles. physics & chem. charlotte. have a book
           woody. kentucky. biophysics. 10 fingers
           connor. pittsburgh. mechE. house with basement
           ?. india. cs. house doesn't have basement
           Goran. ece. philadelphia. washed hands in fountain -> too interesting. have cupcakes
           mekkena. cs. bay area. have glasses
           anu. ece. philly. exist
           nadina. math & bev. econ. romania -> cleveland. fake accent
           vivian. bay area. cs & art. right foot > left foot -> too interesting. obsidien shirt. 2 is fav number
       had summer. stared at math the entire time but is physicist
   - Kate: loves jess <3. working with Ian. UI work but is a bio major in a bio lab. had to learn C++. went to russia for 3 weeks & saw family.
       potluck in the park. uc black chairs to flagstaff hill @ 6pm friday. freshmen = no need for food. otherwise bring food. sign up sheet online -> list name, food, allergens. fill free food void that o-week left
   - Ellen: writes pravda & administrative. had a summer. working & commuting. & doing puzzle. wishing you all submit to pravda. 
   - Janny: i write down things
       Matt: penis
       Em: 🍆
       had a summer. realized i'm no longer a freshman & deeply terrified.
   - Aren: treasurer @ cmu. cmu kgb. had a summer. working 2 jobs. playing a lot of platoon & tetris. 
   - Mitchell: do what these people don't do. summer = hermit at home.

Committee Reports

   C: em, imma west virginian & it sucks. 
       impeached the entire supreme court. democrats accused of being with republicans. bad all the time
   C: matt, stupid pr facts
       25 yrs ago yesterday aug 28 1993 = ep1 of mmpr. hasbro declared aug28 national pr day. has anniversary episode
   C: henry, assassinate prez
       exist. fresshmen talk to henry after meeting if interesting
       ian: assassinate before 213 does?
           henry: 213 is a member
   C: jasper, ad hoc lonely chemist & am i a physicist. i'm not alone
   C: ?, existing = continued success
       disbanded :(
   C: em, bitcoin continues to exist. ppl live in trees. think better than it is
   C: liam, cybersecurity is fucked. child broke into machine in less than 5 mins
   C: ruen, i'm just meming Em. 
       1. w virginia has lost?
       2. macroecon has week for digital currency
       p of order: creepy wvirginia laws eg sex with animals, beat your wife
   C: henry, bad content. kgb meme pages -> links in facebook group

The Thing

   Ian's first meeting as prez. 
   Goran: not fault = didn't pee on the ground of the bathroom. 
         fault = peeing & bathroom floor.

Old Business

   1. m to create the Remember Me! com. p=im fef
       a = Remember fef. b = im not faf. ab = squid.
       passed. auction. 
       $6 to Tim. chair = tim, fef, anyone who's queer or furry.
       but not tim has more com than goran will ever have :(
   2. m to create standing rule to awoo. 
      > motion to owo? no.
       a = awoo. b = owo. abs = squid.

New Business

   C: Corey. west virginia reform.
   P: unfuck wv's garbase
   > burn wv to ground & nobody escapes? not friendly. but the end justifies the meme?
   institues for pol sci = have a few ideas on this matter
   > c: [lyrics to wv country road] + reform com
       em: lyrics is actually about western virginia
       em: wv = ambiguously a state. 
       C: [lyrics to wv country road] + reform com 
       to Em for $8. chairs = animal fuckers in wv.
   M: standing rule = universe balance. flip coin to see if we table.
       dylatory. meetings are nondeterministic enough.
   C: culinary standard com
   P: you like food? name 3 of their albums
   to $13 to Liam. chair = liam & anyone who curse name of booga?
   C: shell com
   to Connor for $4. chair = can i think about that? alright anyone who's willing to be the first one to start @$5 for a com
   M: alloc <= $15 for pepsi for this week's event.
   M: make m to awoo in order. 
   > table indefinitely
   C: i fucking love Woody.
   P: to appreciate & love Woody as much as he deserves.
   > c: woody memorial com
   > p: eggs.
   not friendly.
       C: Woody Memorial
       P: To appreciate & love Woody as much as he deserves.
       to Goran for $3. chair = Connor

Real Announcement

   Kate: event = potluck in the park. bring food if not freshman. meet @black chairs
   KGB Exec. Thu 6pm @ UC 329. bring food if joining us. 
   Aren: treasurer. pay of you bought com. dues due dec 30, required for voting & booth & tshirt discount. $15 for sem or $20 for year.
   Liam: culinary standards com
       liquid nitrogen ice cream again this year. flavor = public auction as long as it's not a hazard.
   Has meeting for labor day (next week), WEH 5421


   Em: exec member of board game club. all old people. come change it.
   Henry: 2 meme pages! send worst memes & post to both of them. link in kgb facebook
   Kate: if not in fb page, join that? 
   ?: computer club. fun! sat @5 cyert basement
   Dez: start a club about stabbing dez
   Em: climbing. drive people to climbing!
   Matt: old & not a lot of young people again. humans vs zombies. later this semester. em's heading that. matt as an advisor. talk to either of them. 
   Kate: actually real announcement. underground tour. upperclassmen help needed. have to reroute & practice a lot earlier. anyone who wanna help -> contact kate
   Aren: check debts
   1. when? sept 7 = next friday = ug tour
   2. what happens after meeting? getting food @ resnik
   3. m to purple purple seafoam grean gtfo.