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   -Ian: had a day. mostly stared at homework. probability. what the fuck is symmetry.
   -Dez: strange weekend. destroyed arms in swordfighting. and hike.
   -Kate: uneventful weekend except rerouting ug tour
       Even: ug tour Sept 7 7pm, bring friends, uc black chairs, dress inconspicuously
   -Ellen: hot weekend. explored pitt but couldn't get into doors cause they're ocked. submit to pravda
   -Janny: had a weekend. thinking about kamen rider and probability. prof replied at 1am on a saturday.
   -Aren: not here. janny collects due. em is aren. 
       i watch anime and is sad because couldn't watch anime. went to tartan leadership conf. (aren read webcomic the whole time.)
       em stood on the table, didn't use the umbrella. 4 hit. didn't say ceasefire
   -Mitchell: had a day. wake up to assassination. 

Committee Report

   - matt: stupid pr + ambiguously canon zelda:
       pr's 25th anniversary, at least 3 separate dimensions in the pr universe. separate from teams that can time travel = main + rpm dimension + dinocharge dimension (went back & rewrote history so dinosaurs are alive) + generic evil dimensions (earth colonized another planet)
   - liam: ambiguously canon zelda:
       ended breath of wild ambiguously. 
   - connor: shell: rising inflation rate of .055% -> $5 last week becomes $5 + 0.275
   - ad hoc kgb fuckers go up: success?
   - stupid history: pastry war. mexico -> damage pastry shop by french investor. mex don't repay them & france blockaded all ports in mexico -> prolonged conflict stopped when brit govt intervened -> mexico paid back france
   - goran: woodie memorial service: booked a venue. july 3rd 2019. if he comes around they'd lose the reservation
   - liam: culinary standards + memorial: underground = charming aesthetic hell -> aesthetic hell
       prez: failed to consider pittsburg and morewood gordens
   - em: raise free range kids -> questionable and exciting, news from npr
       kate: kids don't need to go to school. learn when they want to learn. some almost work sometimes. half don't know how to read. they are really good at cooking though
   - henry: comics are bullshit: we can't be outdone on something with bullshit timeline (looks at matt)
       went back in time on a bug -> all superheroes became politicians, someone turned into a turtle but still gorilla grod. matt hold my beer.
   - liam: kate free open range grass fed children
       made redundant by viel?
   - em: w virginia bullshit:
       distrust of big business for the first time. last time was being screwed over by family
   - kate: aren memorial: knee injured & can't make it to campus

Old business:

   The thing:
       goran has the thing. 
       ellen: the registrar is not. 25live & good idea to put meetings like this in porter a18b are faults.
   Aug 29, 2016: 
       C: MOtion to not forget that. 
       P: don't forget we did that.
           comes off the agenda one year from now.
   A year from now today:
       C: KGB archeology 
       P: ancient memes
       > tabled to Aug 29, 2019
   Old business: people who're not here

New Business

   C: readme memorial
   P: don't get me started on the casing (ry
       > P: [replace with DH-UC fanfiction]
       > C: readme memorial committee (submit to pravda)
       > C: readme memorial committee (sponsored by pravda)
       > fish fish fish fish fish fish fish
       > C: readme memorial committee (parenthesessponsored by pravda)parentheses
       > P (cont'd): however, superficial similarity. the pom is not a fruit. the pomegrenade is a fruit. tragic (ry
       > 2017 never ended [long drawn out groan]
           favor = eat a tide pod. not = do not eat tide pod and look at it scornfully
           C: readme memorial
           P: [that one long boi]
           $3 to Dez. chair = daniel borg. 
   C: something something support
   P: for all those who are tapped to add a forest man?
       > M: standing rule = motion to ??? = end kgb meeting & create new meeting -> end of meeting = resolve if we want to pursue with the motion
       > M: invite everyone to like loud guy and call to question
           favor=tap one force. oppose = hands
   M: motion to ?
       end the kgb meeting & create a new meeting where at the end of the meeting we decide whether we want to pursue with the  
       > turn this into whatever liam says:
       M: during an discussion of any m, a m to sherazan? may be called. in doing so with 1/2 the majority. current meeting suspended. new meeint immediately began . at the end of the meeting. a undetermined boolean determines whether or not the previous meeting passed or failed.
       out of order. dilatory.
   C: plato is an anime villain:
   P: one of plato's actual opinion is that in a perfect city, certain kinds of music must be banned bc they induced too much emotions to listeners
       > also young warrior men shouldn't read the odyssey since they'd think perfect gods are imperfect.
       > would this be more appropriate to archeological memes com?
       > wasn't plato a gold medalist in wrestling? sure?
       > C: plucked chicken
       > table until after the next full moon (sept 28)
           C: Plato is an anime villan
           tabled until the next full moon
   C: historical revisionism
   P: we've always exists
       > retro causality com approves
       > P: yeah it's pretty much that
       > P: not historical revisionism uuuuuuu~!?
       > evolutionary psyc c approves
       > replace initial purpose with 5 fish?
       > construe all future usage of fish as "phish"
       > C: henry kissinger memorial 
       not friendly
       > disappear henry kissinger
           C: Historical Revisionism
           P: Not historical revisionism uuuuuuu~!?
           $7 to Henry. chair = anyone who didn't bomb cambodia? 
   M: alloc <= $200 for this week's event
       most likely have a grill at a fence but uni might want to put grill in donner ditch, may not be the big green egg
       p of info: have a charcoal grill at Lincoln's house
   mainstream media doesn't want you to know this, but the purpose of historical revisionism com is indeed historical revisionism
       > orge
   M: seafoam green create a broken record com

Real Announce

   - Event: Underground tour. UC black chairs. on Friday 7pm. 
       contact kate if you want to help
       grilling afterwards, maybe at the fence but may be in donner ditch.
       horror stories about grill = ask ian
       > p of info: do you need feet as well?
       > p of info: how many feet do you need?
   - Shirts: booth shirt, buggy shirt, 
       $10 for due payers. $15 for others. +$5 for sweatshirt.
   - Exec: thursday 6.30pm UC 329. where people keep barging in because people think we don't actually have a room


   - Board game club: 1pm, Saturday, by the pool upstairs. leave whenever you want.
   - HvZ: happening sometime in october
       may be handed off/sold off to nerf club?
   - Kate: if you have shirt ideas or design skills, talk to Mitchell
   - Computer club: basement of cyert hall 5pm. hangout. cmucc.org
   - Do you like daggers? do you like duct tape? duct tape dagger? come to itr. Saturday.
       banned from cmu 3 times
   - Culinary standards com: ruined ice cream night. depending on liquid nitrogen. decided by public auction. liam will do the best but make it palatable.
   - If anyone want to bring readme back. contact & will taught.
   - Historical martial arts club: stab dez. sword fighting and all that.
   - Henry: 8hr long board game where you run an empire in space. can't promise you will enjoy it or if it will change your life. talk to henry. 
   - Tim: purple purpe fizzle megenta tomato blue seafoam green