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   Ian had a weekend. almost started with the event, but actually started with 210 homework. took a late day, slept. 210 furries 210 furries morphology
   Dez had a weekend. started with event murdered with fire alarm, lasted 20 seconds after people left. existed. 
       New person
           Chase Bradley. CS, from Pitt. Village of Townville, PA. 2 hr above Pittsburgh. Thought town was uninteresting. Like drinking carbonated water
   Kate had a weekend. Started with the event and then fire alarm. Sad because almost finished the game, but half the people left after second fire alarm. Rest of weekend was about as interesting as that. 
       Event: Running Jumping Climbing (Splay) Tree, Friday 7pm, UC Black Chairs to either Flagstaff hill/Donner Ditch or PH A18A. 
       Play some games and grill some s'mores. 
   Ellen had a weekend. That's not very important. Pravda wants your paper/abstract so please send your research to Pravda.
   Janny had a weekend. Sick in Bakery Square but at least sumbitted 210 at 4.59pm
   Aren had a day. Went to 1 class, didn't want to think about where tongues are when pronouncing stuff, woke up at 4.15 and ran to meeting. Elevator in parking garage near gates took a long ass time because someone went on and off to the floor above them. Walked to elevator of Wean. Someone on 2 entered and pressed 8, understandable. Someone on 3 came and exited on 4. 4 exited on 5. Finally here at 4.35pm. Finally.
   Mitchell had a weekend. Started with GBGC, or the reverse. THere was the fire drill so ended up exploring Hammerschlag. Came back and still not over yet.


   C: stupid history
       julian the apostate, came after constantine to the roman empire. want to turn roman back. sacked the capital of persia to show masculinity. happened before but persians had built walls and wasn't prepared for this. retreated but didn't have enough stuff to eat so tried to defeat persians. didn't wear armor into the field and died.
   C: culinary standards
       primanti = more existentially horrifying than quizznos
   C: woody memorial service
       venue booked at july 3rd, may lose the deposit so hint hint. vanue is a nice stylish yacht in the lake. 
   C: misappropriated historians
       motion to run from the archive, last week, from april 23rd meeting = second thing we did after a successful motion to salute liam. matt is the one who tabled it so deeply conflicted.
   C: ad hoc filthy kgb sticker designs for filthy capitalists
       3 foxes on a trench coat with kgb written on each
   C: tepper something something
       import wine by person over 21
   C: that's a lot of spaghetti
       that's a lot of spaghetti
   C: david a tepper memorial
       it's tepper what do you expect
   C: comics are bullshit
       DC universe forces in the universe => speed, still forces. used by the turtle from the 60's. now we have fundamental force of nature who follows him around. sage force = being very smart force. antiemotional spectrum force. fuck comics.
   C: ad hoc 151 is a serious class
       point 1125 = anyone who has a nice meme on a bonus problem
   C: stupid pr com + misapp. comics are bullshit
       the shadow grid. 2 pr comics = gogo pr and mighty morphing pr. do not overlap other than the shadow grid. surrounded by the main protagonist who's the evil version of tommy oliver in an alternate timeline where he stayed evil and killed evil guys and 3 rangers. created an army or pr to take over the world. wanted all power so went into different timelines to kill rangers and stealing morphers so he could absorb their powers. ended up in a reset, but maybe the rangers are mixed up between teams.
   C: booth
       we might be building a booth, up to us to decide on 2 weeks. 
       Oct 1st = booth vote
           vote yes, no, or abstain, only if you're a member in good standing = paid dues, been to 1 meeting after dues, paid off all debts
       booth is one of the biggest things we do in this org!!! 
       booth chairs will be chosen the thursday after booth vote, assuming booth is voted to be built. contact kate.
       KGB created to do booth (out of CIA). has voted to not do booth like once in the history.
   C: hall of ?? 
       bitcoin is a downward trend, but at some poin tin the next year it's gonna go higher than ever before!! don't now why but it's gonna happen
   C: bitcoin
       friend dropped out of college to do blockchains but told roommates he's stil in berkely
   C: misapp. comics are bullshit
       spiderman comic = organic 


   The thing:
       Jonathan wants the thing = the phrases yeet is not fault. Any other variations and videos about it are fault.
   Orders of the day:
       When you have meeting on a monday and table things for a year = tend do untable on tuesday -> missed bya  day
           how big is the stack/queue that will be dequeued? = 1 or 2, 10.52pm next monday is another one (based on lunar phase, probably furry bullshit)


   Run the archive:
       C: the purpose of this
       P: basically that
           > tabled indefinitely, basically at bottom of list
       p of info = it is a queue, but we use random index access
   "to shuffle the archive" = run the archive followed by fill the archive
       = take a random thing and move it to the end
   set the random seed for running the archive to 4
   C: cs terminology is bullshit
       mentioned that access of archive would be arbitrary, not random. random is opposite, fucker.
   #define recursion depth = 4
       #define recursion depth = recursion depth + 1
       passed. now someone can say 4 of 4
   m: set the recursion depth to 5
       dilatory cause ian said it was
       can do it in python2, or 3 if you try really hard
   C: i fucking hate all anime protag should die
   P: girls trying to kill the main guy, fine, tired of harem. he can't lie for shit. arguments among people who try to kill him. (ry
       > C: ricolas nauen memorial committee
           friendly, changed.
       Rauen = has done a lot of stupid anime-esque things that can't be talked about publicly about them
       Does this mean r.nauen is among anime girls who wanna kill him? made redundant by fencing club.
       #define Ian = ion
           already in a motion
           C: Ricolas Nauen Memorial
           P: anime (ry
           $5 to Jonathan. disbanded.
   C: memorial
       roses are red. violets are blue. omae wa mou shindeiru
   C: archive
   P: to have something in the archive when we run it
       > M to fill the archive
           opinions on shuffle the archive
           tim's committees begrudgingly approve and recommends declaring numberwang.
           rauen will then add weight to the list so lower ones less likely to happen.
           shuffling archive is meaningless since unordered. 
       tabled indefinitely.
   M: run the archive at 3
   R: Scry x = go through items one through x, read alound and can choose to use it or put it back in the archive.
       > M to fill the archive
       tabled indefinitely.
   R: secretly run the archive = have to vote on it and not know what it is
   R: to run the archive in previous rules = something something 
       Rauen volunteers to run the probability
       If bring set rules to Ian then might consider -> should submit to pravda, required to be latex
   R: secretly run the archive but it randomly picsk two things, read them alound, randomly pick one and vote on That
   C: well typed
   P: i'm not sure what a type is but pretty sure python has at least one of them
       not sure what type is but js has zero of them
       not sure what a type is? but C++ destroyed everything
       M: shuckles as the pokemon of kgb
           C: Well Typed
           P: I'm not sure what a type is, but I'm pretty sure Python has at least one of them. 
           $5? to Aren. chair = developer of js
   M: <=$15 for this week's event
   M: <=$10 to buy a bag of charcoal for the event


   Event: Running jumping climbing trees
       doing some of those things or play games if you want
       making s'mores in the donner ditch. will be a fun time!
   If you care about booth please pay dues this week and attend meeting next week. booth chairs will be voted on that same week. message Kate.
   Pay dues and vote and get discounts on shirts!! You don't need to pay dues to participate
   Zombies = need mods and advertisement. Talk to Em. Tell your friends. We also need players but that comes later
   Culinary standards = will search for most palatable restaurant.
       Will replace Cheesecake factory
   Exec = Thursday UC 329 at 6pm. Feel free to stop by and bring food


   Rauen = writing rules of the archive. talk to rauen.
   Board game club = Saturday 1pm, come be a member
   Aren = watching nichijou but didn't finish. will watch at kremlin
   Tim's something something committees = it's gotta be something i can do guys. purple. 
       p of info = you use google sheets right?
   Murphy & Dez = attempting to watch film this sunday, look for information on facebook page.
   Kate = Shirts? KGB? KGB on shirts? buy shirt. can't buy the box
   Mitchell = has yarnivores shirt given for free.