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hash of last minutes = 3


   Ian had a weekend. find the event was awesome. love keep talking & nobody explodes. some people were anxious but sat there and looked disapprovingly for a while. trying to find a mindfuck proof that puts 69 in the first register.
   Dez had a weekend. started with find the event. after everyone cleared out for eggdrop dez was last one there. went down & clean up. heard a horrible noise behind. one of the goats. there are 6 goats. all turned and stared at Dez. then looked back and stared again. ran inside.
   (resume Ian) Morphology, cut through doherty jungle. some guy stopped ian, "falling drone. we're gonna finish this ride real quick" it crashed into a lamppost and died. late to class but worth it.
   Kate had a weekend. started with the event. birthday on saturday. remembered kate has no drivers license. passport left in philly. 
   Event: Improve night cause y'all fuckers still want it. kate likes it!! happy. Friday Oct 5, 7pm. if you like to act, embarrass yourself, watch friends embarrass themselves, get yelled at, come to event!!
   we don't know if we have the room. please check the facebook event post for the actual event room. the registrar has a mind of its own. they heard you liked find the event
   Ellen had a weekend. sat in art museum for a while. research pravda next week.
   Janny had a weekend. hash is 3. sat in tepper.
   Aren had a weekend. henry did a good jfk. was a koreaboo for 3 hours instead of weeaboo.
       Murphy threw a Port Authority ConnectCard.
   Mitchell has a weekend. find the event. watched people making dez annoyed at their success. 


   Murphy: ad hoc i forgot to bring changes
       pay $10 to buy connectcard back
   Henry: stupid history
       opium war, late 1800s. british people addicted to tea from china. britain ran out of gold. trade drugs to get tea. grew opium and got people addicted. china tried to ban opium. minor conflicts, people wanted to come to peace, but got executed for treason. britain annexed hk. china tried to shoot monkey with fireworks to brits. didn't work.
       Liam: hk got for 100 years, when everyone would be dead. beyond me. why they followed through: beyond me.
   Dez, storytelling committee: CMU is Hard
       CMU tends to hit people really hard around this time after 3 weeks. bad assignment habits start happening to people. first semester dez had to drop a class for the first time. before that, in high school, which was hard but got good grades. nobody in CMU said that was true. Dez failed concepts twice. kinda weird when you are a CS major. people are here for you. Dez dropped 241 freshman fall. did not know what to do and felt absolutely terrible. people supported Dez through it. especially people in Breed, which wasn't a horrible hellscape. Dez started to learn to manage how obscenely difficult this place it. not everyone went through the same thing. some people got through worse. some people seemingly don't struggle at all or force themselves to go alone. you don't have to do it alone! talk to people if you have just regular stress. we're here. CMU is hard. don't burn out. check up on yourself. don't get burned out on checking up on other people. if you feel like things could fall apart, talk to people. we're here for you
   Matt: stupid pr facts
       airhorns. lupinrangers. their zords: strap plane to guns, fire guns and they turn big. airhorns play in the background. they had a silver zord which is a train and named fire. airhorn in the background "f-f-f-fire"
   Aren: Jamaican is fucking wild
       they abuse the airhorn. middle of the song and then pewpewpewpeeeew in the middle of the song. the song don't stop. if airhorn is too loud they pause the music. also ads in the middle of the song
   Tim: terrible misapp. stupid history
       british representative in peiking 1898. fixed term of 99 years casually since it's "as good as forever"
   Murphy: old people 
       CMU is hard but it does get better guys!!
   Murphy: santa barbara weather machine
       bad but it gets better guys. buy a new weather machine
   EM: [Aquarius astrology]
   Kate: Booth committee
       Booth is fun!
           booth chairs picked out very soon. they will then make reports from booth.
           kage cleaning fairly soon
           carnival theme announced -> choose them associated with it. in 2 weeks
           planning meetings = weekends, design the booth
           building starts spring. 2 builds a week. 
           build week. the week before carnival. live in the parking lot.
           booth that people enjoy and we can feel proud of!!
           we voted no to booth only once!
           builds is both hanging out twice a week!! a lot fo fun. a lot of work. but worth it.
           homework that you should be doing? procrastinate with friends, doing carpentry instead. best way to do that.    
       Booth needs people.
           Don't build a booth on your own. we just need a few people to spend a little time on it. a lot of people is better than a few people. even extra people can be fun to hang out with!! worth it.
       Vote means
           vote = commitment to building booth. you want to help us
           abstain = don't want to commit
           no = don't want the org as a whole to do booth
           it's not ok to meme vote!! we need half the voting members to vote yes to do booth
       Any other anecdotes
           Joy: how many hours for a casual contributor? 0-6 hours per week is reasonable. 2 builds, 3 hours each. be there as long as you want to. put out what you want to put in.
           Kate: was a booth chair last year. before that was a freshman who was terrified of the entire org (weird with kate now in front of the room. the reason kate's on exec now is because kate did booth. actually got to make friends with people in the org) good not because the final product. also got friends. at this point kate can get a career in carpentry. highlights of freshman year!!
           Matt: did booth last two years with the org. a lot of fun and really cool to walk through and see that you made it & significantly better than other booths. kids think our games are superior. we do good!! we do very good. you can front load a bit of it if everyone spends time doing build then there's significantly less amount of work during build week. delayed because carnival committee thinks you're wrong. pittsburgh may decide to rain or snow. it's a ton of fun. ton of work that you can mitigate as a whole. you absolutely should do it.
           Tim: this is a big part of what got tim involved in this group. booth build and act of build made tim consider this group of people friends. solidified this group even though Tim isn't a student and can't participate in an official way. Tim helps and gets invested in. Rare that we see such a physical manifestation of something we accomplished!! build week is a week of craziness!! it's a blast
           Dez: we exist to do booth. CIA = campus involvement association. they did buggy but some people wanted to do booth. booth people left and formed KGB without actual meaning for the acronym.
           Henry: doing booth is great. you will get trained even though you know literally nothing. it's still a good experience. some level of skills will be made over the course of the semester
           Liam: hard and occasional breakdown. but it's still fun and people get things out of it. also CIA now has a booth if anyone wants to defect.
           Matt: we have a good chunk of walls, roof, etc build!! most is art. 
           Ian: we either need a very good artist or 15 people. 
           Tim: move-on during weekend. classes canceled during carnival. doesn't interfere much with classes. soft commitment = will you show up to some builds.
           Ian: exposed to KGB through octodad booth. spring before Ian was a freshman here. it was a manifestation of what the org is. we pour our own sense of humor in there. we get to show off our own personality and humor!!
           Cory: let's build a shitty house
           >> VOTE: 22 voting members. 18 yes. 4 abstain.
           >> WE'RE BUILDING A BOOTH!!
           people interested in booth chairs message Kate to interview. 
           Booth chairs = manage the entire thing, write up plans. booth chairs order you around during build. keep track of what materials used where. get a truck if we need it. manage details so members don't have to. booth chairs do the planning to make sure the booth gets done. should not be freshman. do booth before you be a booth chair. 
           commitment that you show up to all of hours, except during build weeks (14*7 hours). not a hard commitment throughout the semester. it's not that bad except for build week. at the end you think "fuck. it's real"
           Interviews may happen by 7pm Thursday (exec meeting). let exec know ASAP if you wanna be a booth chair!! let exec know when you're free so interview happens
   Liam: Culinary standards on Applebees
       destroy applebees find relief and art.


    thing @ rauen. forgot the thing at home. 
    spirit of the thing goes to henry. not fault = booth. fault = buggy, concept of structural ladder. keep the spirit of the thing, whatever, we'll make more.
    order of the day technically don't come up if you don't call for them


   M: push back all orders of today to next week
       effectively happened. 
   M: alloc <= $50 for this week's event
   C: kgb as a hole
   P: to read that book holes
       objection: already exists. made it
       made redundant by the kgb as hole? as a torus?
       $8 to Matt. chair=lead actor in the movie adaptation of holes. 
   C: build a booth workshop
   P: little bags inside booth where we build a smaller booth in there.
       depending on theme it may happen.
       murphy wants to put a little heart inside the booth
       consider doing this whenever theme matches. it's been added to the "queue"
       what does booth say when you squeeze it? yeet
       what is this, a booth for ants?
       $6 to Em. chair=people who're sitting on the booth = the booth chairs


   Event: improv night. friday 7pm hopefully in A18A. @registrar, thanks buddy. you want this so come & have fun!! genuinely a good time. no need to participate you can just watch
   Film happens again this week with Dez. sunday depending on where room is
   Zombies is happening. come shoot David A Tepper!
   Exec thursday 6pm UC 329. get things done sometimes. check it out if you want procedures or wanna be a booth chair


   Liam: puzzlehunt this saturday
   Tim: general election = Nov 6. register by Oct 9. votespa.com or ask tim!!
   Matt: stick 500 forbes ave as address or smc. puts your polling place on campus. if you use dorm or off campus you'll get central catholic or golf court
   Culinary standards: will go get food. contact Liam if interested
   Board game club: saturday by entropy
   Cclub: demosplash!! have games, demos etc. free for cmu. $5 if you want food.
   Aren: nichijou saturday sometime 3-6. 3 episodes per week or every other week. also show anime shorts aren likes.