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   Ian had a weekend. Improv night. a lot. Puzzle hunt. made awesome puzzles. made programs but on Word. very tired, wasn't ready for the lateral thinking puzzle. walked up to exam room 10 minutes late. door was locked. *Justyn came and kissed Ian and left* back to story, Ian thought the door was different. saw window, tried to knock but window is empty. just unlocked door through the window and walked in like that.
   Dez had a weekend. Improv occurred. thought weekend would be normal. went to movie with henry. and goran and woody and kushal and other people Dez never saw before. then couldn't find anyone ever again. both went out "the right door" but couldn't find each other.
   Kate had a weekend. Improv night then puzzle hunt. very tiring. worth it. Most exciting = linguistics professor "cmu doesn't allow me to light propane in class"
       Event: video game night. friday 7pm. bring video games & come play them with us. form up on the facebook page and up on the board: shorturl.at/NRW27
       UG tour postmortem: any opinion on UG tour -> message Kate then meeting will happen.
   Ellen had a weekend. cousin in town. pravda.
   Janny had a weekend. Improv night was fun. a lot of prepping for midterm. vegetarian festival so trying to commit this year.
   Aren had a weekend. Improv night was fun. others was quiet. like quiet weekend. Aren is using a chair as a shield. Someone threw an id. Dez was hit.
   Mitchell had a weekend. curious what an all nighter was like. tried it and was bad. improv night happened during that.


   Institute for experimental political science
       Start of a new series. Best option for republicans = drop out is the only solution. Gary Johnson can be the tiebreaker for the next years to come.
   CMU KGB archive has a magic the gathering deck
       Will be instituting new rules. looking for suggestions. restricting only to basics. looking at probably blue black. 
       [theoretical debate]
   M: #blue ocean as ldfgkjdkg
   Stupid history
       Teddy rousebelts adventure in Cuba
       Ordered by the Navy. Told the fleet that if war broke out they would sail around.
       When war broke out -> resigned, got cowboys and harvard football teams and went to Cuba. Navy landed on Guantanamo but didn't. Landing took the entire day. Threw horses out and couldn't find land. lost in the sea forever. 
   Culinary standards
       Panera. shitty fast food for people who think they're too good for shitty fast food
   Stupid pr facts
       "X". LuPat has two teams: phantom thief & police. extra ranger is both lupinX and patrenX. has a gun that can flip forward and backwards. which side determines what he transforms into. he's french and he can parkour. backflips occasionally
   Internet fandom watch 
       "That sounds like an OC"
   Woody memorial
       256 days 7 hours + = time to do the job
       "what happens if someone doesn't assassinate woody by then"
       "we are just preparing for the worst case."
   CMU war criminals com
       crusaders king. game based around that you're a king in europe and you're a terrible person. marry queen of france. kill the pope. appoint your horse as a senate. good time. you all die
   Ad hoc com for 2018 midterm election
       no horse in senate but we can!! vote pony 2018. 
       "is this your elaborate plan to turn the entire world into horses? there is a valid way"
   Com of liam understands the structure of meeting but chooses to make out of order motions
       just want to be shot down
   Ad hoc fuck you
       fuck you
   Protection + misapp protection
       wasn't ad hoc. was misappropriated
   Ad hoc fuck you
       i know fuck you


   Rauen has the thing
   Jonathan "eh"*shrug
   fault = not shrugging + shrugging in an asymmetric way
   C:Plato is an anime villain
   P:one of plato's actual opinions is that certian forms of music should be banned cause they induce too much emotions
       "is it spelled play-dough"
       c: alsdkflhasdljkf
       p: you like jazz?
           no one seconded
       fill the archive. been filled. 
   P:There's no difference between good and bad things.
       p of info: it was a simpler time. ohh
       P: +there is only power and those too weak to seek it.
       C: the thanos memorial
           C: Thanos memorial
           P: There is not difference between good and bad things. There is only power and those too weak to seek it.
           $3 to Dez. chair=people who know that harry potter largely supports fascists


   run the archive
       Tim: we haven't done the fucking things yet
       #define scry 1 to x=dlsfjalsdkj
           rules according to pravda
           p of info: isn't 1 through x not an integer
           fill the archive? no
           Standing rule=sheet can be read at your own interest
               we're in a motion
   Standing rule #1: archive rules written on the back of your Pravda. "cannot" on last line has to be replaced with "can"
       p of info: scry is meaningless since archive unordered
       rules: the archives definitely are ordered, as defined by this body
       m: change author name to Richolas Nauen
       m: hashing and encrypting archive
       m: change "can" to "cannot"
           dilatory in a really spicy way. wow
       m: add to beginning = add the axiom of choice so everything's ordered anyway
           report: doesn't make everything ordered automatically. just orderable
           dez: and also order it
           m: take an axiom of choice
               dylato out of order
           m: tape the axon of choice
               been taped.
           m: bylaws amendment=axiom of choice is already taken
           C: ad hoc anxious physiologist
               please do not tape your axons kids
       m: append "to scromble(?) the archive=take everything and get it in different order"
           sizably antiseconded but stronger motion. 
       m: append "secretly run the archive whereever i said that before got shot down"
           it was dilatory. next bloodmoon. will talk. print out on the dotcam. dilatory.
       m: append "motion to arbitrarily fill the archive which is the markov chain"
           bye. dilatory. latex then we'll talk.
       Fix: "Where i is" -> "where it is"
           The standing rules on the archive passed.
   #define token committee=normal com except it can't be tabled. if it is tabled, it is instead destroyed
       p of order: committees can't be tabled
   C: to suck at video game
   P: last time at video game night. challenged to mario kart with one person blindfolded and the other still lost. henry still lost. challenge henry. blindfold yourself and still beat henry.
       m: allocate earplugs to liam
       P: what the fuck is damage
       P: what the fuck is now that's a lot of damage
           yeah sure it's friendly
           C: to suck at video game
           P: what the fuck is now that's a lot of damage
           $7 to Matt. chair=henry and anyone who can beat henry blindfolded at mario kart
   alloc <= $50 for this week's food and event
   m: make sure the alloc is used by cheetos paws
       "kate don't let me down"
       "owo what the fuck are cheetos paws"
       standing rule: someone has been annihilate=motion not seconded. person must curl up in a fetal position for 30 seconds
           not seconded. Dez has been annihilated
   alloc <= $50 for megaphone for KGB
       we had it. withdrawn
   standing rule: make sure money <=$5 of every alloc goes to cheetos paws
       "just because it's allocated doesn't mean it needs to be used"
       C: cheetos paws
           out of order. "then i'm gonna fucking wait"
       fill the archive? passed
   C: cheetos paws
       someone brings cheetos paws to event with every event
           C: cheetos paws
           $27 to Dez. chair=which banded? disbanded
           "stand in the order. you hurt me.""
   alloc 1 pack of cheetos paws
       where do we get it from?
   alloc = money equal to 2 packs of cheetos paws. should buy one for each meeting
       append: exec must also spend it on cheetos paws
       henry "this is why our allocations are horrible. the republic is failing"
       kate "this org has no control over my actions. if you make me buy them, i'll buy shitty white cheddar cheetos paws and make you eat it"
       aren "kate is trying to silence the general body"
       append: if kate does not buy cheetos paws, she must stand in the corner for 20 minutes
       vote to have kate recuse herself from this motion
           kate "i'll recuse myself from buying cheetos paws"
       append: to goran a receipt etc
           aren "i can fact check that for you"
       fill the archive? retroactively not take your hands
           Allocate money <= 2 packs of cheetos paws. should buy one for each meeting


   Liquid nitrogen night
       next meeting = ice cream flavor auction
       3 separate lots. auctions separately
       1 = vanilla, choco, strawberry
       2 = completely open. anything that doesn't break laws or is hazardous. Liam will try to make it happen
   Event: no cheetos paws. but has video games. bring games. spreadsheet on facebook & check with kate to see what room they're gonna be in
   Wiki: trying to revive it a bit. 
   UG tour postmortem: if you have opinions, message kate. group chat and meeting will happen
   Zombies: coming up in a couple weeks. talk to Em for more details. signup comes up relatively soon


   not kidding about money match. will $1 money match anyone. will money match blindfolded but not earplugged
   "hi i'm cory and i'm in a 200 level psychology class at cmu. want to make you aware that i'll run a psychological experiment on the kgb."
   deadline to register to vote=tomorrow. doesn't need PA id to vote. can do it online. if you're voting in your home state look into absentee votes now.
   thursday=30th anniversary of national coming out day. cmu allies event this week
   p of ethics=cory should consider running it secretly and without informing the kgb
   #define dfkajdlkj
       this is schmucks!
   standing rule=asdlfjalsk