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meeting start: 4:38

special edition of the minutes taken by ellen in microsoft wordpad!!


   ian: vidya game night featuring homework! moneymatching liam, and losing, and then winning it back. more homework that wasn't done bc we're busy being gay. "separate quarters."
   em is dez: went to game night but didn't play artemis :( it was rly fun. physics was involved in my weekend.
   kate: unexciting, except for when she made a bunch of cookies at midnight - 3AM. our event is unimportant film I aka midsemester movie night (first in his lecture series). 
   ellen: met mfy's parents and studied 213 the rest of the time hahahhhaha
   liam as janny: the hash of last week's minutes is 0... (a lie)
   aren: vidya games. 
   mitch: his parents came.

committee reports:

   fable: the musical memeing committee: banjo
   kate: misappropriated kgbaking committee: gives us cookies
   henry: im a physicist and i hate my life: the flash is back fuckers. good quality episode with bad quality science. the villain has More Kinetic Energy - which doesn't exist without gravity!! cool
   matt: stupid power rangers facts: megazords, like zords but bigger. power rangers all have zords which can combine into a megazord which is a guy in a suit! there are two megazords this season which switch by doing a handstand, cool! theres also a megazord with four arms now.
   goran: woody memorial service committee: july 3 is close to july 4, and that's during the summer, so we're switching the date of hte memorial service to january 28th! so expect something at that time i guess
   em: hall of fractal committee: graphing casts a quantum shadow that acts exactly like graphing. 

The rest of the minutes is taken by Janny, who has returned from battling 15-210, hopefully victorious.

   Comics are bullshit
       DC character: detective chimp. chimpanzee who's also a very good detective. batman respects him. treated like normal. became the most powerful being in DCU. he has a sherlock holmes hat.
   Bigfoot lover
       not intrinsically related to big feet lovers com
   Culinary standards
       M: auction for ice cream?
           push back for a while
       we need people to bring down David A Tepper.
       Chairs = Em Sarah
       Em: we're building a booth! it's gonna be taller than me.
       figure out date and time for booth meeting
       will have fb group for booth this year
       poll for planning meetings this semester
       theme: planet earth. think about themes & we can vote on them later
       if you don't use facebook, email sarah: shempton@andrew
   any really big ideas right now?
       - flat earth
       - species which went extinct in the last 5 years
       - global warming
       - david's wild summer
       - grass
       - nuclear cooling
       - astroturf
       - us vice president al gore (but myths and legends already happened)
       - it's a small world after all (small booth w/in our booth)
       - inverted earth (that's just australia)
       - viruses
       - planet pluto
       - pluto is a planet and it is normal sized
   it's gonna be a big beautiful booth!!!!!!!!!
   voting next week
   Liquid nitrogen ice cream night: Nov 11
       flavor chosen by auction
           flavor1: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla
           flavor2-3: any finite length english string, will be interpreted literally that's not a safety hazard, or through culinary interpretative dance
           $9 strawberry, Aren
           $10 bee movie script, Em
           $11 former us vice president Al Gore, Henry
           $12 tears of republican, Em
           $13 [same], Henry
           $14 Tony the tigers and chester the cheetah's wild night out, Em & Ian
           $15 Hentai and its art, Gabe
       summary: $15 "Hentai and its art" to Gabe
           $1 abstract culinary representation for abstract cognitive (ry, Fable
           $2 I'm Gay, Artemis
           $4 cheetos paws, Goran
           $14 orange tic tacs, Woody
           $15 former us vice president Al Gore, Henry
           $20 orange tic tacs and cheetos paws, Goran
           $21 former us vice president Al Gore, Em
           $25 orange tic tacs and cheetos paws, Goran
           $30 [same], Henry
           $31 former us vice president Al Gore eating cheetos paws and orange tic tacs at the same time, Goran (&Aren)
       summary: $31 "former US vice president Al Gore eating Cheetos Paws and Orange Tic Tacs at the same time" to Goran & Co.


   The thing:
       at Jonathan
       goes to Mckenna
           fault: woke up because there're several spiders in bathroom at 2am
           not fault: all other times & all other bugs
   Orders of the day:
       1. Discretely ask prez how much i should make the allocation for CtFwS
           tabled until Nov 5
       2. #define I play pot of greed = table for 2 weeks & draw 2 cards from deck
           change: ~ draw 2 motions from the archive
           #define cards & archives to graveyard
               out of order
       tabled for 2 weeks


   run the archive
       M: motion to awoo is always in order
           name change passed
       M: motion to re-awoo is always in order ? nah
   M to awoo
   M: alloc <=$20 for Liam to buy shit for liquid nitrogen night
       it's a good idea!!
   C: woody memorial something something
   P: memorialize halceyon days where woody memorial com is financially solvent
           tabled till Jan 28
   C: movement to initialize the dysfunctional vinyl association
   P: [same]
           Ian "i fucking played myself"
   run the archive
       C: 251 reasons to meme
       P: use Robert's rule of order to make a Turing machine
           table until Rauen's in attendance -> indefinite
           shift one cell to the left and move to state 4
           motion to move to state gamma
           motion to move to the state go fuck yourself
               $5 to Matt. chair=Nick Rauen


   Event: Unimportant Film I with Dez.
       midsemester break. 7pm
       Sunday: important film with Dez: There will be blood (oil, cult, raging capitalist)
       stuff will be posted on fb
   Zombies: this sunday 7pm in DH2315. be there. being socks. nerf guns supplied. need to return them.
   dezcribe the differences between important & unimportant film?


   Henry: I, Jasper Brown, am hosting ITR this weekend. Talk to me, Jasper Brown, at some point.
   Em: board game club. Saturday 1pm. right above entropy.
   Shelby: CClub moonsplash wednesday 7pm. GHC
   Fable: *plays a note on ukulele*
   Kate: make Gabe musical sonnet
       out of order but Ian loves the sentiment
   Cory: psych experiment coming
   Liam: standing rule to-
       out of order