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   Ian had a weekend. busy alternating between being a sad boy, 210, playing games until it got too hard. 210 oh made ian understood everything realizing total misconception about lab.
   Dez had a weekend. did anything fun?? murmur murmur. started with the event. watched a movie. ratatouille pokemon destiny deoxys. it sure was a film. didn't make sense and was weirdly terrifying. things happened. the other movie depressing, about capitalism, blood.
   Kate had a weekened. started with movie night. ratatouille better than expected. apparently they did culinary research. made liam rant about culinary things. there will be blood was certainly a departure. very few people died in ratatouille
       Event: KGB literally kills a man. at 7pm. not the murder. it will happen by 7pm on friday. theme: multilevel marketing. likely PH A18A
           *fingers pointed to woody* dead person may not be woody. culprit may not be goran.
       sign up for the event!! writer will assign roles. go to fb post, link in there. 
           named role = personality. might be the murderer
           unnamed role = solve puzzles and eat food
           spectator = eat food
       will be pizza!! sign up by tomorrow
       CtFwS in 3 weeks. Nov 9. Judges: not freshmen, not people who haven't played it before. judges = sit around and watch people running around. message kate and judges meeting will happen!! hype!!!!
   Ellen had a weekend. went to "Ambridge, Pennsylvania, at the historic Old Economy village, former site of the Harmonists religious commune". submit to pravda.
   Janny had a weekend. hash is 9. been looking forward to cleaning my bathroom for weeks. finally cleaning it makes me so happy. which means i'm turning into my mom.
   Aren had a weekend. just wild. got sick kinda and didn't go to the event. parents came. texted aren "so and so my mom and my dad and my dad is coming" = meeting her boyfriend squad. indeed a weekend. drove all the way from ny and came. boyfriend was terrified. went to burger place, given fortune cookies at the end. why?? somebody tell me? dad, a good asshole, "today is fine. tomorrow you may need to shotgun"
       The shield is created from empty letter papers stapled together. "i'm turning it into a meme."
   Mitchell had a weekend. "the river" = all 3 distinct rivers of pittsburgh.


   C: ruined crossover
       rhythm games will happen with Liam!
   C: woody memorial 
       "you spelt something wrong": changes "Man" in "KGB literally kills a man" to "Manan", which is Woody's first name.
   C: stupid pr facts
       streetfighters. mobile game = pr legacy wars. you fight as pr. crossover with streetfighters. bring sf characters into this game. 7.5 minutes trailer, live action. sf characters become a pr, white ranger with red headband.
   C: ad hoc how the fuck does the phone decide what is news enough to not notify me
       headless chicken monster spotted in the ocean. actually a sea cucumber. none other than australia.
   C: misreading bad handwriting
       "major: male" should have been "math"
   C: zombies
       not zombies this week. low turnout. trying harder marketing. where's the gun. nobody knows.
   C: ruined crossover
       pr are now 1 degree of crossover from thanos and most of them are dead
   C: the floor is lava
       the floor is lava
   C: ad hoc bad signs
       "cellonuts"/"celloscrotum": playing cello for a long time -> vague pain. it's just the biggest joke ever. multiple journals have cited this and studied it as real science.
   C: culinary standards
       everyday noodle. just good fucking taiwanese noodles? nice
       requesting report about lore behind ratatouille
           in making the film : turn to best french restaurant in US 
           asked what would be best presentation for ratatouille -> get some complicated dish that's prepared by rats in the film.
   C: ad hoc im trying to crossword
       "europe's longest river. that is cheating i lost already."
   C: restore the ysalamiri star wars
       summer = conclusion of thron comic series. some rumors that several characters may return in later episodes of star wars
       intel join lid with cpu. the entire cpu comes out


   the thing
       goes to Kate
           not fault: woody's potential death
           fault: what happens to the deposite if woody doesn't die. goran's potential death
   orders of the day: NONE!! applause


   M: alloc <=$100 for food and drinks for this week's event
       it's a goooood idea. bleurgh is not an objection
   M: alloc <=$30 for supplies for zombies
       it's a good idea. tepper.
   C: for the solidarity with the universe's single electrion
   P: it's such a hardworking boy
       it's mathematically true.
       report: i'm a physicist and i hate my life "strong objection"
       if you assume every antielection is just elections going back in time then you can't disprove it.
       how does this interact with the speed force? negative speed force?
       $4 to Dez. chair=the one election.
       good boy! so hardworking we gave him more responsibility
   C: nicene conference
   P: discrepancy in minutes. liam reporting as good and ellen reporting as the voice of god. last meeting should be struck from canon.
       we should return to the state that the hash is 0.
       liam: recsec liam au fanfic
           you can submit that to pravda
       p of info: what happens if this committee gets its way
           strike everything that happened last week from canon. refuse to acknowledge. 
       p of info: we will have to remove booth vote and ice cream flavors.
       p of info: generally before next meeting starts -> tell recsec if tehre are any errors, changes voted on by general body, execution is part of the purpose and not like the actual thing
       p of info: if woody decides what happens, will we have the manan instead of canon.
       M: make Ellen leader of orthodoxy
           out of order
       Em: *points nerf gun at Ian
       Ian: "fucking shoot me" *walks past there
       passed by abstention
       $7 to Henry. Chair=Liam, the one true god.
   Booth themes
           - "global warming: bad ending"
               make it like a prediction that one of the frats are gonna do "global warming is bad protect the earth" booth. booth about "the earth is fucked and no one cares" game is making you feel bad about fucking up the earth.
               might be risky and look really bad for us. we can send a message we don't support by accident. only way to do well is to do a PSA booth
                   spring carnival com might be reluctant to approve.
           - microbiomes
               enough biologists in this org that can be a good booth
           - grass
               funny for us but not sure if people outside will get the joke. cmu will hate it so don't see the point. give people free grass and kill it, or give them grass and make them kill.
               can be part of global warming: bad ending
               sound track of booth is just "booth"
               as you go through grasses get bigger
               "tree are just big grass". refer to all plants as grass. all grass.
           - osmosis jones
               cute but doesn't fit the theme
           - (i bless the rain down in) africa
           - recently extinct animals
               can be cutely presented as a museum showing the animals and explaining why they went extinct. game = trying to construct a viable animal to survive. -> can make booth + game with
           - cretaceous (but all mammals are dinosaur sized and all dinosaurs are mammal sized)
           - flat earth
               can do a little chandelier of the earth
               treat spherical earth as conspiracy. or other shaped earth.
               or unpopular theories of shapes of earth. 
               a bit funny if we do it. but we need to hint towards the earth is not flat. at least 2 other orgs want that theme.
               maybe not good to do 2 conspiracy booths in a row
               give them flat map and ask them to fold it into a globe. can't do it so earth is flat.
           - jurassic park but with squirrels
               AEPi did jurassic park recently. might be blacklisted.
           - volcanoes
               simply so we can do baking soda. will be messy in the booth though.
               can combine volcanoes with cretaceous. can link in with "recently" extinct species
           - earth formation
               not really any game idea.
       note from former booth chairs: hard to do booth theme that is just a meme
       choosing order:
           - recently extinct animals
           - grass
           - flat earth
           - volcanoes
   M: alloc <= $500 for booth
       it's a good idea.
   M: purple to the left and awoo


   Event: murder mystery night. sign up either at the link or cmukgb.org/murder
       go to fb page. it's linked there. fill out the form
   CtFwS in 3 weeks. need judges. tell Kate by next Monday.
   Ice cream = any serious allergy or dietary restrictions tell liam so liam doesn't kill you.
   Zombies next sunday. if you signed up please come. at 7pm. come shoot your friends with guns. if you can't make it tell Em directly. sign up online. kgb facebook page. on Em's facebook itself. event is a google form link. fill that out. show up. the website's zombies page is not correct.
   Exec: thursday at 6pm. open meeting. UC 329. come see how we function if we function.
   Aren: next week going to video game cafe. will post something on facebook group.
       that's a schmuccs


   Aren: same thing
   Zombies: need mods and npc
   October: watch over the garden wall
   Liam: reject axiom of choice and make sets measurable.
   Henry: excommunicate Ellen. out of order
       salute Henry
   Liam: *one sphere into two spheres*