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   Ian had a weekend. mom visited. ian has homework but she said it's fine. she "do you have any time?" ian "nah". exhausted. reminder from john conway automata theory guy "alive cause can reproduce and can simulate tm"
   weekend was scary cause tragedy that occurred. scary to have something that close to home happening. don't want to talk about it too much. everyone is here for you.
   if you want to go to rangos 5pm you can, otherwise we're here
   Dez had a weekend. thursday till 3am doing murder mystery stuff. then people sold so much essential oil. eyebrow oil is the future. don't think can ever been proud of any jokes now.
   Kate had a weekend. started with murder mystery night. goddamn you jack. saturday was a lot. yesterday trying to work on art project for molecular bio. animation for transcription. medium = powerpoint. 124 slides exactly. finished at 5am. prof might send it to the author of the paper it was based on.
       Event: get board get carded. no boars edition. happening this friday. board game and card games. gonna be fun hopefully no fire alarm. fuck you porter. friday 7pm
       Next week: CtFwS. per freshmen, it's fun. you get DH and WEH as your territory, and magic item. need judges. if you haven't pinged kate & are interested, tell kate.
           judges meeting wed 4.30pm + sun 4pm
   Ellen had a weekend. gung ho about eyebrow oils. saturday went there before they had tapioca (11am). strong opinions about henry's minutes hash, submit to pravda.
   Janny had a weekend. tried to sell lemon peppermint oil but nobody wants to produce it. spent saturday looking at politics.
       Hash is f
   Aren had a weekend. expensive wonderful products. like drinking orange water. 
       Aren uses a coat as a shield.
   Mitch had a weekend. company to make dead mom happy. if anyone need to talk about saturday can contact him. 


   C: comics are bullshit
       cryptonite classification. colors in dc comic. 
       green = superman bad
       red = angry
       fun combinations: red green = indefinite power
       black = split into evil and good version
       silver = weed but for cryptonians. very very stoned
       pink = made superman gay. someone decided to publish this.
       X cryptonite != cryptonite X
       other colors are also drugs and everything's terrible
       Gabe "superman is straight?"
   C: meme continuity
       what if superman was colorblind and everything was way more interesting bc he doesn't know what will happen
   C: culinary standards
       field & fuddles? grease is a flavor
   C: stupid pr facts
       freshmen probably don't understand this lore cause started last year
       recap: way back in 1960s = kamen rider. superhero guys on motorcycles. final move = kicking people. that was by toei. 
       that's cool but what if we had like teams of them. hence created super sentai = super squadron. but you would lose friends if you call it super squadron. everything is [something] sentai [something]. 
       1992/3 = Saban saw that super sentai was cool so took sentai footage and adapt it using american teenage actors. created power rangers. power rangers [something]
       committee is about stupid things that occurred in these years.
       Ian "i strive to know about anything as much as you know about it"
       Aren "phantom thief sentai wow"
           it's allegedly based on p5
   C: stupid history
       great innovations of british naval tactics during ww1
       train seagulls to shit on periscopes of german marines, rendering them blind.
       but seagulls hate people and are hard to train. nothing ever came of it. some amount of resources devoted to this.
   C: misapp stupid history
       in ww2 simliar things
       anti tank by soviet = train dogs to look for snacks under tanks then strap bombs to their back
   C: ad hoc hilarious history + ad hoc horrifying history
       counter the facts
       jokes did come from that
   C: misapp booth 
       Kate "im a booth stoool"
       we have a theme: "grass"
       planning meeting this & every saturday 2-3pm. if you're interested in planning/designing the booth & art & game -> come to the meeting!!
       sarah will tell location
   C: misapp booth
       Cory "as another booth stoool"
       kgbooth 2019 facebook page is where information about meetings etc will happen
   C: ad hoc moves too fast mr pawesident can't see this
       i'm already in the corner get fucked
   C: zombies
       that's canceled, understandable
       might be back next semester
   C: stupid pr facts
       most recent episode sunday morning japan time. return of "refusal to comply" strike used by police officers.
   C: ad hoc aAAaaAaaaAa..aa. 
       this is now 2nd year in a row zombies has been canceled due to mass shooting
       actually spring was canceled because of low turnout
       maybe this country has a problem :c


       goes to Henry
       not fault = saturday watched tv series. blueman kidnapped star wars senate & got away with it. they gave in to all his demands.
       fault = everything else. including movie with greenman takes star trek house of rep. 
   The Stack
       1. #define i play pot of greed = asdlfalksdjflk
           tabled for 2 weeks. 
           Tim "jokes on you i already removed it"


   M: recursion depth = 6
       seconded "type safety is for cowards"
       we never set it. we #define it. 
       Dez "i set 4 to 6"
       P: set 4 to 6
           oh this is not a committee. no purpose.
       failed. sorry buddy. maybe false to true is better
   C: furry appreciation and or ambivalence
   P: exactly that
       pass by abstention? we can't just do that.
       "Aren you're a fucking furry"
       Aren "no im not a furry"
       passed by abstention. good job i guess
       $7 to Tim. chair=me you and the furries
   alloc <=$80 to furry appreciation
       to buy 1 bag of cheetos paws to buy for friday/saturday events till the end of semester
       the 2vp would look favorably to change this to alloc <=$80 out of tim's wallet
       culinary standards would one day like to cast all of you into hell.
       last time was cheetos bones. 
       treasurer: yes we can do this.
       m: pass by abstention
           we talked about this. 
       Henry handed a paper that said "I Fucking Quit, Again, [signatute] Henry Hausmann"
       it's a good idea? "it's an idea"
       fill the archive? failed. 
       almost passed by abstention. "matt the motion may have passed by you have failed"
   salute our voting process. fuck you roberts rule of order
   alloc <=$50 for food and supplies, none of which can be cheetos paws, for this week's event
       it's a good idea
       is there any objection? "$50.69"
   M: reject axiom of choice for remaining of this meeting?
       been rejected
   M: [math]
   C: to appreciate your local library
   P: i like my local library that's it
       here it's the carnegie library. very wholesome
       pass by wholesomeness? 
       p of info: aww
       kerrthena "some libraries are terrible i hate my local library. it's smaller than my bathroom. i have a fairly big one."
       liam "carnegie's blood money touches you"
       dez "you forgot mellon's blood money"
       passed, maybe not by wholesomeness but it passed.
       $3 to connor. chair=whoever's running the local library
   M: scry 4
       Ian "jonathan we were having a good moment and you ruined it"
       do the top 4, as if it was a queue. 
       C: floor is lava
       P: early warning of event in which floor is lava
           failed. on permutation.
       C: motion to create this 
       P: exactly that
           failed. on board for permutation
       C: archive
       P: to have something in the archive
           failed. on board for permutation
       C: plato was an anime villain
       P: certain forms of music should be banned
           send this to the archive? passed. been tabled. 
       on the board right now:
       1. floor is lava
       2. recurse?
       3. archived
       choosing the permutation:
       1. floor is lava -> top
       2. recurse -> bottom
       3. archive -> bottom
       now we determine the permutation of the two on the bottom
       2. recurse -> before bottom
       3. archive -> absolute bottom
   M: salute goran
   M: add a motion to scry 4 to the archive
       dangerous. it can lead to segfault
   M: make scry sit down
       very strong motion. 
       pass by existence? we already gave up the axiom of choice don't know what we can do anymore
   C: why the fuck are you using scry
   P: to remind you to use scry
       tabled indefinitely. (by the same person who proposes it)
   M: on rule of archive, strike 4 replace with 3
       strike 4 replace with recursion depth
       M: on rule of archive, strike 4 replace with recursion depth? yeah
       M: replace recursion depth with 10? nah


   event: gbgc. come play boardgame with us
   next week: CtFwS. get hyped!!! want to judge, plz ping kate. location as soon as kate books them. 
   booth design meetings. saturday 2-3pm. wherever sarah decides. care about design -> come to them, do that. 
   CtFwS rule was once in LaTeX. it was very fun. 
   KGB Exec. Thursday 6pm UC 329. come see how we operate. find out if we operate.
   Culinary standards. Nov 16 = liquid nitrogen ice cream. allergies & restrictions -> talk to liam. 


   M: assign Ian a board person
   Important films. this weekend. life of brian. sunday sometime. 
   Matt. lives outside the city. can only get assignment on cmu wifi but have to leave. 
   Thai late night event Saturday 10pm UC Black Chairs!!
   Computer graphics, music, history. CClub demosplash. Friday Nov 2, 7-11. opposite gbgc. Saturday 12-10. just in time for thai food! UC Rangos. do stop by. if you want food you need to sign up.
   all color are fake. get food.