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   Ian had a weekend. didn't do anythign notable except survival horror game. not interested in playing but interested in design. watch cut scenes of it. 2 lights in parallel: shower in bedroom. lightswitch toggles bedroom & downstair light. aren suddenly hit the switch. holy fuck it was immersive.
   Dez had a weekend. liam this is not a committee report. ok. i had a weekend. went to a seminar thing starting at 5pm on friday till 8 that day, 8-6 saturday, 9-noon on sunday. at least it was 3 units.
       NEW PEOPLE. jonathan and em, sit down. 
           Elio. physics. from berkeley. usually not a zombie.
   Kate had a weekend. did rules presentation for CtFwS. finally got laptops back. had to make posters from phone. 
       Event: CtFwS!!!!! This Friday. YOU ALL should be there. great fucking time. for freshman = the big event that we run, crap ton of people outside the org come out. territories are entirety of DH and WEH. most fun ever in academic buildings. come at 7 since there will be rules. judges be there at 5.30pm
           DH2315, and DH and WEH
   Ellen had a weekend. GBGC-ed. grew trees/big grass and killed them. birthday. best present is to submit to pravda.
   Janny had a weekend. mostly doing stuff for cultural org. performance from some professionals. they arrived with umbrellas and i thought they're gonna do some umbrella dance. but then they raised them and each umbrella was stuffed full of confetti. had to clean up for like 1 hour or something. 
       Hash is 2
   Aren had a weekend. didn't really do much. as you heard, played around with lights. always entertaining.
       Aren uses an entire table, lopsided, as a shield. along with an umbrella.
       Ian gave out quarters. used to collect them before.
   Mitchell had a weekend. boardgame night happened. procrastinated.
   Events will be swapped. liquid nitrogen after thanksgiving. next one = trivia night instead.
       first semester is exec for people. spring is open to the floor. you have an entire semester to prep for it!


   C: super trash roach
       added a fucking plant
   C: misapp parliamentary
       we fucked up scry from last meeting. we followed it in the spirit of mtg scry, not how it's written on pravda. 
       we should have
           1. read out 4
           2. rate top or bottom
           3. split -> decide order in each
       that was a good one-time gag
   C: burn down r7 + not burn down r7 + r7 colonial
       party at kremlin. 9pm sunday. kremlin = r7 colonial. 3 elsworth terrace. turn right on clyde street, then right onto elsworth. third building. bring some cool people. we'd love to meet them. don't bring your parents. no people that are terrible. you should all come.
   C: burn down r7
       great relief + great colonial spirit
       Ian "r7 can still burn down when you're at kremlin"
   C: r7 colonial
       great opportunities to know how our lights work. 
       better with inductance.
   C: holofractals
       apparently a cryptocurrency guru stole 5000 bitcoins. i don't know how you steal a bitcoin. i really don't. like 5000? i don't know when this happened. apparently happened years back
   C: please stop making aren's life harder
       wrote email about story. had to change the story. thanks henry. the email for r7 party.
   C: physicist hates my life
       the flash. the metatechnology. metahumans = empowered by dark matters or anthromorphic physics. the same principles apply to phones and daggers, whose dnas can be altered to get strange magical powers. 
   C: ad hoc kgbiologist
       would like to scream at the concept of the dna
   C: stupid pr facts
       changing our reports since they didn't have a show this week. japan's showing something else (sports) at that time slot. based on that, about to do a recap. i know you're confused but i am not. 
       at one point -> episode in lupat where enemy was able to genderbend people. was able to do that to one of the zords. opposite genders of a zord is a hammer. 
   C: fencers at ctfws
       rauen's not in town. tell people to come
   C: booth
   C: nicene conference
       heretics. false prophets. enemies of the church. ellen is a false prophet/heretic. come talk to henry to get branded as a heretic.
       liam: as a holy figure, submit henry as a heretic. 
       henry: can't. henry is in charge. you're just in the prophet.
       janny: can i be a heretic?
       henry: shut up god
       em: last week's minutes' hash is >=10


   The thing:
       At henry. left it at r7
       Spirit goes to
           not fault: 5000 bitcoins
           fault: every other number of bitcoins. 5000 of all other cryptocurrencies.
   Orders of the day: we have 
       1. C: discretely ask the prez how much i should ask for alloc for CtFwS
          P: basically that.
               table until Feb. 
                   yes. been tabled.
   M: discretely ask the prez how much..
       Ian "...150"


   C: improve immersion
   P: iot devices weaker so more realistic
       dez declares em an enemy of greenhill software
       liam declares an enemy of something something greenhill something sonic movie
       $1 to Em. chair=enemies of greenhill
   S: any motion that runs in O(n) number of votes is immediately declared dilatory.
       say, scry 4 runs in 4 votes? but it's at most 4 -> constant bound. 
       P of order: these things can be declared dilatory at the will of the chair -> dilatory?
       "if i don't know what O(n) is can i ignore it?"
   M: alloc Henry 1 CS education
       do you think we have that lying around?
   C: burn down the kremlin
   P: burn down the kremlin, the same way com to burn down r7 exists
       Kate "intend to have no more parties there. large security deposits"
       Aren "treasury is at kremlin. don't burn down the kremlin"
       Kate "that one leak during the summer which resulted in a plastic bag taped to the ceiling in ian's bedroom"
       r7 colonial "keep our colony until we're done"
       C: lobby on behalf of rental salesmen
       table until r7 burns down? non definite. -> table for 2 weeks? passed.
   C: not burn down the kremlin
   P: much like com to not burn down r7. basically that.
       tabled for 2 weeks
   C: leave kremlin in a nebulous state of being burned down and not burned down but not superposition
       fill the archive, by Dez, the one who pushed this himself.
   M: run the archive
       Liam "i'll beat you up behind Denny's"
       4. C: recursion
          P: basically that
               fill the archive.
   the wheel of fate turns again.
   Ian runs to the bathroom real quick. Dez is in charge. 
   C: r7 colonial ministry
   P: had been reporting from it like it's not ad hoc and want to make it official
       kate "plan to expand colonial efforts beyond my fucking house? yeah? then you have my support"
       plans to colonize anywhere, possibly using war
       how big is your navy? no ports. plan to take over pgh port authority.
       em will fight for her basement, tooth and nail. until henry gives em her toga.
       $10 to Henry. chair=any resident of r7 who's never done war crimes whatsoever.
   the ad uh
   C: um how to holofractals 101
   P: binary switches and don't know why it works. actually functions and renders things.
       M: now that ian's not here. ask com to assassinate the prez where it is. guys get your shit together he's so easy to shoot.
       $2 to elio. "i'm the chair"
   M: <=$150 for food and drinks and supplies for CtFwS
       it's a good idea!!
       objection: fiscally conservative, oppose spending on entertainment for the mass. back to the roman era when plebs sat satisfied. 
       M: add $19 to this
           Aren "nice"
       food actually only goes to the judges. you are a judge. 
       henry retracts.
       Summary: alloc <=$169 for CtFwS food & drinks & supplies
   M: lock the door.
       com to assassinate prez approves
   C: super smash bros is a kirby game
   P: do you guys not have phones. a lot happened this weekend.
       P: poyo
       Ian comes in the room. "Mr pawesident?"
           Ian has to stand in the corner. faces the corner. 
       $6 to Matt. chair=guy who announce + create super smash ultimate
   C: everyone is dead
   P: poyo
       if you have your hands up say your name
       Dez "they are all dead except the one who can fight god"
       table indefinitely? pass
   Ian can come back. "that was incredibly strange."
   C: backronym
   P: fuck losing a??? c???
       Henry "im currently applying to internship. will get bills with acronyms. some interns sit in the corner to come up with backronyms. will be bacronyms intern"
       Dez "this weekend as part of the glorious seminar. bills are all like that. a third of them have horrible long backronyms"
       p of info: 
           uniting and strengthening america by providing the appropriate tools etc act.
           making access records available to lead american govt openness. 
           cmu = carnegie melt union
           $6 to Dez. chair=backronym intern
   C: broken record
       out of order
   M: get hype constant
       dilatory. can't do that. been undefined since last time ian tired to make a dumb joke.
   C: broken record
   C: infohazard
   P: create the broken record com
       C: out of order
       C: dysfunctional casette tape
       C: bmw 
           out of order
       everyone auctions but all auctions are just $1 with math tax. 
       "call to question." "stop that"
       $11 to jonathan for 1000 pesos. chair=$1


   Event: CtFwS!!! this friday!!! 7pm!!! DH2315@7pm!! so we can show to play this complicated ass game. lasts until whoever knows.
   liquid nitrogen is after thanksgiving this year.
   booth: be quiet? come to booth com. em will be quiet.
   CtFwS tabling: happen. won't take the fence. if some other org paints over, will take from them. won't take the shooting memorial fence. assume that's not happening: tabling with minifence. it's Our Fence. good weather => outside, otherwise => UC. 
       happening Wednesday/Thursday. hang out & scream at CtFwS. be there and have Friends.
       sign up sheet will be up.
   KGB Exec: meeting to know what the fuck is going on. come to our meetings. Thursday 6pm UC 329. bring food. we might eat it. don't bring bugs. it happened before.


   C: broken records
       thoroughly ignored.
   liam "are you saying food and bugs are disjoint sets?"
   morning after kremlin party, will be at pams at around 11.30. people might probably wake up. 
   D&D. table top. talk to em.
   burn down + not burn down + colonial com r7
       party saturday at 9 at kremlin = 3 ellsworth terrace. come to party. ask henry kate dez ian aren. 
       house has a picture of farnam with hair. 
       operates using dlist. don't know how it works or what it is, but talk to dez. henry allegedly is an admin.
   election is tmr!! polls 7am-8pm. make a plan today. find out where your polling place it & when you're going to go. bring your friends. participate in democracy. need stickers -> ask tim. 
   we have 8 things in the archive
   CtFwS in the mythical round 5 = hand Dez a sign "the" and captures "the"
                         round 6 = captures "with"
   C: out of order