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   Ian had a weekend. ctfws fucking awesome. shitposted really hard in game one. one game didn't happen cause it was 8 minutes. today had an appointment with mcs dean cause dropping makes Ian a part time student. they recommended Ian a therapist. they will email caps mcs liasion blah blah blah blah so you can drop 210. "you'll be fine you'll drop it" 
   Dez had a weekend. ctfws. there were teams. there were things. freshmen discovered new flag positions. they wandered down all the way. they still lost.
       New People:
           James. CS. south carolina. likes the cold.
   Kate had a weekend. ctfws. a great time. shout out to kushal for getting us a green potion after the event ended. more thing missing. played too much slime rancher. henry tried to convince kate it's animal abuse. 
       Ian "wow now we can start a new game of ctfws"
       Event: trivia night! a great time. exec is writing questions for you unless one of us doesn't feel like it. topics you either know nothing about or know way too much about. friday 7pm. 
           "we have questions. you have ~answers~. more questions.
           we don't have answers either tbh.
           the rules are made up and the points don't matter
           the rules don't matter either
           nothing matters but it's fun"
   Ellen had a weekend. you did ctfws. i did ctfws. if anything fun happened, submit to pravda
   Janny had a weekend. ctfws then spent time on a single hidden markov model.
       Hash is 7
   Aren had a weekend. ctfws. judging = one guy who kept coming in and out of the judges room. really fast. thanks for not trashing my house. ian & aren spent one night talking & watching to acting on stage.
       Aren is standing in a corner. then comes back. coins never actually thrown.
       Mitchell can be Aren for today. attempting to use the table for a shield. 
   Mitchell had a weekend. ctfws. open fire. 
   Kate again: CtFwS post-mortem
       if you have ideas/opinions -> tell kate!
   Mitchell again: T shirt designs for next week, either vote for what you want or forms online. happens next week.


   C: ad hoc industrial workers united
       S@A is a scam. treasurer's right to strike.
   C: i think not ad hoc but misapp kgb history
       last year talking to alumni "you throw more than pennies at the treasurer? quarters hurt"
       treasurers didn't protect themselves
   C: misap kgb history
       someone threw eisenhower dollars
   C: cmu kgb war criminals association
       endorse dhreed's bartending skills
   C: ad hoc possibly misapp kgbartending
       endorse chocolate milk
   C: ad hoc copyright laws
       cory should get copyright on chocolate milk
   C: ad hoc i don't even know anymore is 151 a real class
       asked mackey if he actually changed someone's major. he changed two students' major and gave a fistbump
       p of info: a friend gave mackey a list of meme, he said all of it
   C: ad hoc mackey appreciation
       yeah when tim was prospective student here visiting his lecture in one of his classrooms in 2005 yeah he was still the same way
   C: aHHhhhHHH my twitter is on fire
       1. cnn reports the tide eco box. twist to open pour for detergent. liquid formula comes in a sealed bag. people are eating tide pods! tide needs to look more like a bag of boxed wine.
       2. pokemon detective pikachu. trailer came out. jigglypuff is so fuzzy. 
   C: political science
       republican candidate was dead. they found his body several days after his election. 
   C: ad hoc partisanship is dumb
       actually according to the law, local republican can put anyone in. no democratic process. wow.
   C: ad hoc really bad but obvious puns
       of course it's not a democratic process. it's a republican process
   C: r7 colonial
       authority over kremlin, success
   C: kremlin independence
       fighting for independence.
   C: ad hoc pikachu defense
       give pikachu a gun. WE'RE BUILDING A BOOTH
   C: burn down r7 + not burn down r7
       continued lack of effort
   "how do people help with booth"
       Meeting Saturday 2am. not that, 2pm. we plan so much. Em is tired from booth already. we plan the layout, the jokes, the game, the story, the game, virtual games, in real life, in vitro, marketplace. 3 hypes allocated


   Henry has the thing. Woody has the spirit of it.
   Em wants the thing.
       not fault = that the dead pimp got elected
       fault = ?? and furry not put on congress is fault
   p of info: body was discovered by porn star
   Orders of the day:
       M: #define I play pot of greed
           table for 2 weeks? passed


   C: connor memorial
   P: the look of betrayal
       "he betrayed the red team first"
       p of info: connor was sitting in the seat that was called on! 
           Ian "you shouldn't have sat in that seat"
       new P: uh
           not friendly
       table for two weeks? failed
       new P: he knows what he did
           friendly. cool. 
       change date to same date that woody. oh. undetermined. 
       M: if we lose deposit for woody, move it to connor
           it's actually goran's committee. can't.
       Jonathan: KGBingo
       C: connor memorial
       P: he knows what he did
           $6 to Woody. chair=Woody&Goran
       p of info: i don't think it's, you know, good for my roommate to be in charge of this committee
           Kate "you should have bought it"
   C: oh no there's no more internet
   P: website called draw your professor. very beautiful image of john mackey. super buff with two cans of diet coke. looking for it for a long time. the website is not there anymore.
       M: press F
       M: alloc <= $50 for this week's event. 
           in another motion. nah
       M: alloc $50 of diet coke to john mackey
       M: define mackey as god but with a J
       M: fill the archive
   M: alloc <=$50 for food and supplies. 
       it's a good idea
       objection: i felt like being rand paul
   C: ruin my childhood with a large amount of hallucinogenics.
   P: media as a child was alarmingly large number of hallucinogenics.
       calssic video game spor. dna points as currency. then currency is spice. high hallucinogenics power, only resource for any planets. goal is to acquire as much spice as possible for your empire. 
       define spor = opium war
       new P: getting high with cat bay
       C: ruin my childhood with a large amount of hallucinogenics.
       P: getting high with cat bay
           $8 to Henry. chair=henry and cory
   C: the president hates me
   P: the president hates me and now i'm sad
       $11 to Cory. whichbanded! disbanded.
       p of info: "i didn't actually think you're gonna call on me"
   requesting report from parliamentary procedure:
       sub-committee = part of the committee it's been reported on
   M: to the left
       cool. good.
   M: to out of order.
       excitingly out of order.
   C: broken records.
   P: to create the broken records com
       M: table for 20 minutes.
           M: fill the archive
               out of order. 
       M: fill the archive
           objection: what would be this committee's distinguishing features from all previous versions of the broken records committee
           objection: M to create the broken records committee
           archive's been filled.
   M: run the archive
       C: leave the kremlin in a nebulous state of being burned down and not burned down
       P: but not superposition
           M: define the definition as not burned down
               not type safe.
           M: kremlin = the one in moscow
           p of info: 3/4 of the house already has anxiety
           ad hoc cmu quantum war criminals approve
           fill the archive? antisecond.
           r7 colonial ministry: 
               we have gotten maximum utility and are abandoning the province. will not be seeing any support from the royal government. 
           passed! $6 to Dez. chair=who holds authority over kremlin at r7 colonial ministry
   C: placeholder
   P: placeholder
       fill the archive? passed.
   M: define 3 as 4
   M: scry 3
   C: connor memorial committee memorial
   P: we know he knows what he did
       fill the archive? 
           objections: it's alive why do we need a memorial for it
           goal of archive = crusty thing you may or may not use
   M: shuffle the archive
       moving on the real relevant annoucement!


   Trivia night!! guess answers or be surprised at how niche you know things. PH A18B. friday 7pm. event on facebook or ask kate
   CtFwS post-mortem: text kate! oh no kate wrote the wrong number. if you texted that number please apologize. when2meet and meeting will happen!
   rules committee will happen as well. current plan will want to schlurp up Em & Liam. if you're interested.
   shirt forms are gonna be out next week assuming mitch is still alive.
   kgb exec. when we're not sitting up here confused, we're sitting in UC 329 confused. working on planning and meetings. meetings are open! come to see if and if so how we operate. bring us food. don't bring us bugs. we meet thursdays 6pm in uc 329. check it out if you like procedures.
   booth: get hype=3:endreport


   Aren will go to a gaming cafe. will put up a post. 
   Important films happening this weekend. sunday at one of the normaler times.
   Henry stands in for Jasper. ITR this saturday, 10 o'clock at WEH 4. be there is you wanna stab people.
       p of info: will rauen be there? will be
   Rauen was at a ballroom dance condition. someone came up to rauen "i heard you stab people really well and they call you rauen. apparently you beat everyone and you have three hands and breathe fire"
   D&D. hit me(em) up
   Tim. "this computer will shut down in x minutes logout etc"
   #define purple = seafoam green