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   Ian had a weekend. did literally nothing and that's ok. gonna give some context for my next report. thanksgiving coming up. last thanksgiving was exciting
       short retelling. went to family friend's house. mom don't want baby boy ian to be antisocial. talk to the kids, who are college graduates. "youngest one is into conventions and cosplays." told mom Ian's gonna work so gonna be withdrawn. mom said she "quirky in the same way as you are." mom explained to her Ian went to anthrocon.
       later, ended up in a conversation with her & moms discussing building a fursuit. lana "wow you don't have a fursona? what are you doing in the fandom." 
       Ian's bringing Justyn home for thanksgiving. going to the same place last time.
       Liam "learn all fire exits"
   Dez had a weekend. kaylie's bf came & hung out. didn't do nearly enough work. you've been to a kgb meeting before right. cool
   Kate had a weekend. spent time performing for flute. on the way, saw rauen, who acted confused that kate dressed up and did anything with her life other than kgb. then kate went to r7 to get food. 
       Liam "it's not a kgb thing it's where i live rauen"
       Rauen simply asked "is there a thing today"
       Event: there isn't one. usually will be a movie night but most of exec is not gonna be here. unless you wanna have your own movie night. no event sorry friends.
   Ellen had a weekend. finally got a library card. have pravda. 
       Ellen hands out pravda, which contains the cult rules and a song hymn for the recsec (8 verses)
       Ian "ellen you have outdone yourself yet again. good job."
       singing, if it happens, will happen in com reports.
   Janny had a weekend. Trivia night was so much fun cause I get to ask you 10 questions about Tokusatsu before some of you even know what toku means. Spent my Sunday in Heinz, where I discovered sprinkles on classroom tables and idk, rainbow glitters?
       Hash is 8
   Aren had a weekend. becoming russianboo? russaboo? boyfriend's gonna visit during thanksgiving. culture clash is gonna be hilarious. jamaican black is different. aren's not gonna be here next week so have to wait two weeks.
   Mitchell had a weekend. i set up ah, uh, T shirt poll! on facebook page and cmukgb.org (will be a link there). fill out there. give an image or description. if we can find an artist in here we will make it happen.
       Aren "if design happens before winter break it might happen"
   if a t shirt has "cmu" on it we'll have to get it through the school. 


   C: d&d lores bullshit
       monster: the marat? a god cops who go around celestial plain bringing you back to god court cause you broke laws. abilities to save against court summons. if you fail you get prosecuted in front of divine court.
       p of info: why is this a bad monster instead of a really good monster?
   C: ruin my childhood alarmingly large amount of hallucinogenics
       star wars the clone wars. from when henry was 10? 
       that one time obi wan traded spice to smuggle terrorists and overthrow ppl.
   C: ww2 history is bullshit
       greco italian war. 
       italy wants to take greece. 6 months painful war. greece surrendered after germany + italy both invade. greece demanded they only surrendered to germany not italy. italy protested. greece had to revise to surrender to both.
   C: stupid pr facts
       wasn't here last week cause grandma's birthday.
       this week's gonna be on the current series. gonna start saying the topic of each report. theif sentai lupinranger vs police sentai patoranger. what is persona5 was a power rangers series? begins with 3 phantom theifs going around treasures from bad guys cause their loved ones were frozen by monsters. collect treasures to revive loved ones. police who are noticeably not ok with this. police running around saying "stop don't do that." but the police eventually became power rangers. why did they get the power? yeah that's kinda the plot. theives have to get the treasure before police blow up the treasure. 
   Ian: Liam can you make a new flavor?
       rainbow skittles: "it's sentai and it's art"
   C: fuck you ian
   C: fuck you detective pikachu
       sonic the hedgehog live action. why.
   C: ad hoc i fundamentally don't understand video games
       civilization 6 on a nintendo switch. 1 major implication. ghandi is now an eligible character for smash. 
   C: woody memorial
       woody's not here, who's like credit for that? thank you henry.
   C: super trash bros
       ghandi and smash bros won't be dumbest. will's rights have appeared in smash bros. he just built a skyscraper and it kills you.


   The thing
       at woody
       goes to kate
           not fault = woody not here
           fault = the fact that there's a deposit & connor not being here
   Orders of the day
       C: to burn down the kremlin
       P: to burn down kremlin the same way the c to burn down r7 exists
           Ian "aren do you remember that time you left the oven on"
           Kate "thought party's gone"
           Dez "postponed so ppl don't burn down kremlin during the party"
           C: r7 colonial, culinary standards
               Liam's gonna be in town and will make a nice meal
           Ian "set of shelf. bottom one is not a shelf. the bottom thing is not a shelf, it's a radiator. people have been leaving flammable stuff on there"
           Kate "lighting is still as unpredictable. bathroom light turned on and hallway light turned off?"
           C: r7 colonial, burn down r7, not burn down r7
           passed by abstention
           after intense, furious bits between Aren & Dez, it goes to Aren for $27. chair = asis?
       C: not burn down the kremlin
       P: much like the c to not burn down r7 exists
           passed by abstention.
           Dez "the whole point of the last bit was that this one is supposed to be mine motherfucker"
           after another intense bits between Aren & Dez, this one too goes to Aren for $28. chair = aseese?


   C: time capsule
   P: to replace the purpose of this com with memes and stuff and table this for 20 years.
       paliamentary: dec 5th, 2016, we did this. 2038 is coming soon. 
       matt: in 19 years, it's 50th anniversary. come back and tell exec what they're gonna be in for.
       M: make n-1 coms where n is # meetings we will have in 2038. table them all for all weeks except one in the middle of the spring semester. so they expect it but it never comes
       P: replace purpose with entire string of archive rules and that they must do that whole thing
           append this? approved
       P: include the string "how do you do fellow kids?"
           prepend it. 
       M: create .cip file format. archive of a committee.
           probably dilatory but can be submitted to pravda.
       parliamentary: this motion from 2016 is already showing its age
       Aren "this is gonna be a good resource for people who study meme culture and they include cmu kgb in a paper or something"
       Ian's forgotten piece in com report: last night cnn did a piece on furries. 
           Dez "oh no you have a suburban white mom"
       Rauen "my name on the rule. is it rick nauen or nick rauen? can we switch it to richolas nauen"
       P: strike nicholas rauen to richolas nauen
       C: bring back dead god + etc
           "lol rekt janny"
       M: strike rauen and replace with richolas nauen
           "no i like existing"
       P: append "do you guys not have phones?"
       P: append "and your hash is good"
       P: append "mr pawesident"
       P: append "the chair" 
       P: append "all hail the omniglyph"
       P: append "i play pot of greed which allows me to draw.."
       P of order: table it for a week and fill with more memes
       P: append mp3 of someone singing that song.
           would be a string of url? that's not gonna stay
           we'll find a way
       P: append "all hail the oracle" + jpg of that book cover
       P: append "all hail our savior the rec sec and also the dead god"
       Tabled for 1 week.

The 2018 Time Capsule was thus created.

   C: to assassinate "the parliamentarians committee"
       tim is both the entire committee and the parliamentarian?
       not friendly to tim.
   C: support group for ex-choir kids
   P: arrange for the pravda song 
       $6 to Cory. chair=cory and any ex-choir kids
   C: news should not report on very very niche cultures
   P: did a google search on the cnn furry report
       cnn video "anxious? try becoming a furry!"
       Ian "i've heard many worse descriptions. one way ian described before: life kind of suck. what if i dress up as a giant animal adn run into the woods"
       Henry "how does the furry community feel about philadelphia fire mascots"
       Liam "why don't you run into the woods"
           Ian "i have homework and shit"
       filled the archive.
   C: kushal vampire lord
   P: it was actually woody the whole time
       at itr, kushal was pretending to be a vampire lord by sitting on a chair with mckenna and woody and people fanning him. woody was actual vampire lord who structured this to make it look like kushal look like a vampire lord.
       lobster meta: henry got 10 lobsters under his command. ran a lobster fighting ring. 
           half of the lobsters were fake. people were just acting like lobsters
       3 rounds into itr, freshmen decided to attack rauen etc.
       passed. $1 to Dez. chair=i want it to look like kushal's the chair but actually woody is the chair.


   we are exec. we usually have exec meeting but ian will be home probably be interrrogated about how being a furry works. uc 329 6pm. bring food. not bugs. bring dez bugs.
   kate "yeah im gonna be home do whatever the fuck you want"
   booth planning meeting will happen saturday, if you wanna come. will be talking about murals.


   Tim "how does being a furry work?" Ian "i'm trying to figure it out"
   Matt will try to get people together and watch a few episodes of lupat. 
   M: strike "furry" and replace with "gamer"
       out of order