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The first part of the minutes was taken by Ellen because Janny was late.


   It’s 4:37 let’s meet meet
   Rauen is Ian and he shitposts to Ken Hovis under the radar. 
   Dez went to tool training. And he got texted by his mom about dnd. 
   Kate did her homework OwO??

The rest was taken by Janny.


   Dez had a weekend. Tool training. No one there. Mom texted to talk about DnD. 
   Kate had a week. Had like not much stuff in it. Did homework this weekend. Fuck it's been a good year!!! Impressed
       Event: Useless People Auction. Send descriptions of yourself, skills or non skills. Auction your time off for 6 hrs. Let us sell you. Friday 7pm.
       CtFwS: March 1. Need judges. If you've played CtFwS and interested in judging, contact Kate. 
   Ellen had a weekend. If it keeps going like this, I won't have anything to report on. Submit campus conspiracy to Pravda.
   Janny had a weekend. Hackathon. Made competitive lawnmowing game. Played woody & kushal's game.
   Aren had a weekend. Tried Fortnite and see if there's a reason to hate it. Played it for two hours. Then next week did the same thing. Concluded that they enjoyed it unironically. Now you have legitimate reasons to throw coins. 
   Mitch had a weekend. End report.


   response to exec report: 
       - message henry about judging
       - game needs more interactions
   c: things that happened in video game
       kingdom hearts. known for complex anime shit. Goofy and Mickey actions. 
   c: ad hoc response to rauen
       3/5 of team left hackathon to go to ballroom party!!
   c: spirit of goran goran
       c: woody
           he didn't die and i, goran, didn't wanna waste the deposit so used my own body
   c: culinary standards
       continued failure
   c: assassinate prez
       can't prove we haven't succeeded
   c: stupid history + stupid ww2 history
       nazi railway artillery. big fucking gun that needed its own railroad track. largest gun ever used in battle. saw battle twice and got blown up. bad idea. 
   c: possibly misapp booth
       hi. we may not be doing booth but are doing booth related things. spend time building booth parts and side projects for fun and training. 
       we need you guys to know how to use saws and drills. usually happening during tool training. if you haven't been to a tool training, message kate. 


   The thing
       spirit of spirit of the thing at Liam
           goes to Artemis's aunt
           not fault = reopening the government
           fault = everything else in spirit in spirit meta sense
   Dez "I sent Tim a text asking if there are orders of the day"
   Tim, rushing into the room, "YES!"
   C: woody memorial committee memorial
   P: memorizing the day the woody memorial com is financially solvent
       conspiracy to pravda: woody is immortal
       c: anomalous statistics
           woody is not immortal, but any universe without woody ceases to exist
           "so woody is the protagonist"
           c: woody vampire approves
       $3 to Tim. chair=tim, goran, woody, all of the dead people, and all of the undead people. 
   #define I play pot of greed fish fish
       m: table for 2 weeks


   c: the video games drinking game
   p: Ian and Aren with smash bros drinking game. when the loser almost dies, can pause and guess how many games they have until they die. If they are correct, within some epsilon, winner takes a shot. Otherwise loser takes a shot.
       other options: mario kart. finish beer by end of race but can't hold controller when drinking the beer. otherwise you'll be drunk driver. you have to throw controller.
           can i hold it with my feet? 
               go for it
       zelda: guess what item will be. if wrong you take a shot.
       smash bro: everything you win just take a sip
       fortnite: every single time between games, drink. boring stuff less bad cause drunk. take shopping cart and go whee. 
       $1 to rauen. chair=anyone joining in drinking game for baba is you when it comes out. 
           liam will money match rauen for committee. 
   c: helping mom in the kitchen
   p: to collectively figure out what to tell dez's mom about kinder eggs for college students.
       certain old ones are made out of lead.
       passed by abstention. 
       $2 to Kate. chair=dez's mom
   c: i survived
   p: i survived
       goran's response: ad hoc in the spirit of goran goran com report from woody memorial com
           "he didn't die and i didn't wanna waste the deposit so i used my body"
       music of com: survival of the tiger????
       new c: woody memorial committee memorial committee memorial
           been changed
       new p: recursively curse the recsec
       new c: recursively curse the recsec
       new p: recursively curse the recsec with purpose and/or meeting
       m: change "purpose" into "porpoise the animal"
       m: respect the president
           been respected
       c: woody memorial committee memorial committee memorial committee
       porpoise the animal: recursively curse the recsec with porpoise the animal and/or meeting
           $1 to woody. chair=goran goran
   create pointer to woody mcmcmc
   s: create pointer to committees
       you can point them and you can dereference them
       top statement must be declaration not pointer
       amend: create pointer to standing rules or bylaws
       m: able to store pointers in the archive
       m: make pointers point to archives, committees that have been pulled up and voted against
           strong antiseconded but friendly.
       p of info: segmentation fault core dumped.
       p of info: things that are tabled indefinitely do get garbage collected. 
       if the meeting crashes must the meeting be rebooted?
           segfault approves.
       define behavior when pulling a null pointer?
           everything just crashes? crash = data in places that shouldn't be. meeting just ends. dilatory.
           attempting to do anything immediately ends the meeting and starts the meeting. dilatory.
           think about ian when he comes back
           if you dereference, we can't refer to it again. can't mention again. pretend to never have called it.
               replace pointer name with the entire script of the bee movie formatted to look like a compiler error. friendly.
           - can point to anything (old ones, ones on the archive)
           - can dereference
           - can store pointers in the archive
           - dereference null pointer
       the hash is now 10.
   m: alloc <=$69 for this week's event
       it's a good idea.
       objection: add $.69
   m: create 2 null pointers and store them in the archive
       add 1 null pointer, referring to the second null pointer
       pointer TheBeeMovieScript=NULL
       pointer (2)=NULL
       pointer (3)=&(2)
       pointer (4)=NULL-1


   event: useless ppl auction
   ctfws is march 1 tell me if you wanna judge buy.
   exec meets wednesday 3.30 uc 329. open to ppl in this room. if you wanna see how we work come hang out.


   pointer to exec
       out of order
   pointer to dez's inability to realize that making committee during smucks so ppl can't vote on.