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   Ian sure did have a weekend. ended with meeting. which is at 4.38, right the fuck now. so for a while last week aanddn this weekend, kremlin didn't have heat. happens sometimes, it's ok. got it fixed. landlord sent someone over, saying it's a mercury based thermostat. last night. did homework, got anxious, got picross?. went to bed, woke up with no running water. interesting day.
   Dez had a weekend. started with the event. that happeend i guess. i don't know. didn't win the conquering of japan. weekend happened, recovered from 15 hours of probability
       New lad:
           daniel. psychology. pittsburgh. two feet and two legs.
   Kate had a weekend. started with the event. killed by four rats at once. ended with participating in tasting chicken flavored cookie. you'll find out soon.
           Ice cream Socialism/Liquid Nitrogen night
               figure out what algore taste like
               c: culinary standards
                   m: culinary standards change name to culinary substandard
                   flavors recap
               will also have other snaccs to feed
               anyone who purchased the flavors are required to go (not really)
               A331 room, physics lab. anything you wanna freeze that isn't dangerous? bring it and we will freeze it for you. 
               usually also have board games & video games and stuff
                   m: change name to capitalism?
       Next event:
               message kate today!!! will figure out judges meeting and stuff
               get hype!!!
               might be painting the fence next week if not freezing/raining, likely wednesday. keep your calendars peeled.
   Ellen had a weekend. cluster on saturday with hackathon students. one student asked, hey print is a function right. another said i don't think we're winning $1000 today.
       if you wanna win the hackathon that is my heart, submit to pravda
   Janny had a weekend. nothing much. bitterness party was fun, became 12 years old, got killed by a swarm of rat. sad, wish i could die by going crazy instead. on sunday 1am obtained the nickname "beelliam shakesbee"
       hash is 0
   Aren had a weekend. fav youtuber about anime and music. video about how anime ops sound the same. follow 3-5-1 chords over and over, all derived from jazz. got aren thinking. aren likes anime opening, but also likes jazz. is love for jazz from parents' love for jazz, or because aren's weeb?
   Mitchell had a weekend. parents came over, and yeah. saw rats on the board during the board, didn't know why they chose to kill everyone. 


   c: misapp. baking
       mckenna made choc chip cookies. a range on amount of chocolate. not made by mitchell!!!! have lime in them. taste like chicken. have chocolate chips with tiny bits of cookie dough. 
   c: aren has a natural affinity to containers
       that's some good bowls
   c: video games in 2019
       tetris into beautiful soul fulfilling meditattive experience, became a bloodsport
   c: im a physicist and i hate my life
       jojo. jojo found himself submerged in water, unable to breath. cold town so had air trapped at the bottom of lake under rock. breathed from it
   c: ad hoc im a geologist and i hate my life
   c: stupid pr facts
       - super sentai strongest battle!!
       - 4 week long cross over special that's just super sentai team-ups and fighting one another. kinda.
       - each team has a name! depends mostly on the translation, but
       - there are normal team names like "pink warrior team" with just pink rangers, or like "swordsman team" with, you know, ppl with swords
       - BUT. also consider "the brain team", "the cool team", "the legendary team", "the serious team", and "the frivolous team"
   c: ad hoc tag yourself
       tag yourself
   c: i can't believe it's not registered
       this fucker right here registered pawshake.pw, now website of the fucking kgb. this committee, through harry bovik, owns 42069. treasurer owes $1.29
   c: misapp stuipd history
       church. holiest christian sites in the world. joint ownership by many factions. church itself owned by jointly roman catholic + orthodox + etc. nothing in church can change, including chairs and ladders. monk moved chair, ended in fist fight.


   The thing
       (meta3) at Liam
       (meta3) goes to kate
           not fault= this cookie tastes like chicken
           fault= cookie potentially having illegal amount of chocolate, and lime
   orders of the day
   1. Jan 14
       c: time capsule
       p: fish fish fish
           table for 5 years


   m: create null pointer and immediately vote on what to do with it
       seconded. been created.
       pointer: NULL
           table for 5 years+1 week?
               passed. what have you done.
   m: to the left
   run the archive
   c: the purpose of this committee
   p: basically that
       $2 to Tim. chair=the department of redundancy department + broken records com
   m: alloc <= $100 for food and drinks for this week's event
       it's a good idea
   m: force kate to buy entire rotisserie chicken
       kate: no!
   run the archive
   c: placeholder
   p: placeholder
       m: assign a pointer to this committee
           pointer: to placeholder committee
           out of order
       m: append null pointer to end of purpose this com
           seconded. passed.
       table the pointer to this com indefinitely 
           out of order
       c: placeholder <uip> not a zip bomb.tar.gz
           c: <uip> not a zip bomb.tar.gz
           p: placeholder [null pointer]
           $2 to Dez. chair=[pointer to liam's joke]
               because liam doesn't have space allocated for the joke, it's just pointing to random memory
   pointer: placeholder committee
       put in the archive
   run the archive
   selected last element, a pointer
       c: <uip> not a zip bomb.tar.gz
       p: placeholder [null pointer]
           difference even though the same, because it's created today, not from the archive previously
           m: put data into that pointer, to fork2 of this committee. pipe it through.
               incredibly not defined, but dilatory.
           m: make 2 pointers to this com instead of null pointer
           pointer: <uip> not a zip bomb.tar.gz, Feb 18
           pointer: <uip> not a zip bomb.tar.gz, Feb 18
               both filled in the archive
   pointer: ian's feeling of resignedness
       can only point to motion, standing rule, com, etc.
       out of order.
   m: create committee right below ian's feeling of resignednation
   m: ask rauen for detailed archive rules
   m: archive commit library of alexandria
       out of order
   pointer: first committee from first minutes taken in elvish
       did it while drunk, didn't remember what sort of elvish it was.
       table until heat death of universe
           c: im a physicist and i hate my life
               if you accept finite ish universe, it's 3 trillion years
               we have com tabled to dec 4th, 13 trillion years
   c: archive memorial
   p: recreate the archive or mourn its permanent death
       table to annual meeting
           replace: table to april 22nd, the week after the annual meeting
           been tabled. cool. we move on.
   c: create your own joke
   p: pointer -> "create your own joke"
       purpose dereferenced
           p: "create your own joke"
       table till April 22nd
           been tabled.


   event: ice cream socialism. find out what algore tastes like. also its hentai mom and its art. also strawberry. DH A331. faculty sponsor still doesn't know ice cream flavor.
       it's liam's culinary equivalent of the interpretative dance
   c: ice cream monarchism
       any dietary restriction/allergy, tell Liam. no poison, but may ruin taste buds forever.
   dues! pay for a semester if you want to. tell aren. 
   c: nominating
       tim, ian, cam, joy
       talk to one of them if interested in exec jobs, will begin taking nominations starting march 4th, continuing through april 8th. annual meeting on april 15th. need to pay off al debts before meeting on april 8 begin, so you can vote.
   KGB Exec. meeting wednesday 3.30 uc 329. harry is bringing bugs? meeting is open, can see how we operate. come if you're interested in exec positions


   if you're looking for something immediately before ice cream socialism: scs day and computer petting zoo
   alita battle angel: watch with ray, maybe this or next week
   woody making a game, almost in alpha and playable. if you wanna play it. 
       liam "hook me the fuck up. inject it directly into my vein give me the fucking juice"
   m: out of order