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   Ian not here: Tim is Ian. I'm a fox. that's what the fox says. 
   Dez had a weekend. 2 exms back to back. nature of language and then probability. had key insight 5 mins before end of exam.
   Kate had a weekend. ctfws judges meeting. if still interested, let kate know.
       Event: CtFwS!!!!! Friday 7pm DH2315 
   Ellen had a weekend. woke up sunday 8.30 in the morning. this morning woke up. not any numbers on them. 
       Thank you note for Diane Turnshek.
   Janny had a weekend. It climaxed on Friday night where I was eating It's Called Hentai and It's Art Mom. Did mostly nothing after that, unfortunately.
       Hash is A
   Aren had a weekend. watching Tasty Japan. a lot of japanese color definitions. ao = blue, green. akai = red, Red (communist)
   Mitchell had a weekend. started with liquid nitrogen night. i'm not sure.


   Ian has resigned as president of KGB. This initiates our process of a search for the new president. Get to us by next meeting (Monday) whether or not you're interested in doing that. Probably don't do that if you haven't been on Exec before, you'll just waste your time on a random Wednesday.
       Fill the form in if you're serious about it. 
   Ian will still be on Nom Com and will be around for events and meetings. Dez is the chair of the meeting for the next two weeks. During that time someone needs to be the temporary chair of I'm a Physicist and I Hate My Life: Jasper R7 Authority goes to Liam.


   c: culinary standards
       formally apologize
       The flavor of Algore eating orange tictacs and cheetos paws is truly revolting. The taste is okay. The texture is horrid.
   c: troll
       making stupid signs (new version of do not lick the wall). passing around
   c: existing
   c: stupid pr facts
       you've heard of kaitou sentai lupinranger vs keisatsu sentai patoranger
       but have you heard of kaitou sentai lupinranger vs keisatsu sentai patoranger vs uchuu sentai kyuranger??
       super sentai has a history of crossover films that are titled "ranger team 1 vs ranger team 2", but because lupinranger vs patoranger already has a vs inside, the name of this one becomes really long
   c: ad hoc weather observation
       yea um you know earlier this week it was pretty bad, walking downtown and it was just like really not great in the morning. two feets of snow [picture of two feet made of snow]
   c: im a mathematician and i hate my life
       midterm on sunday. surprisingly well, but had a midterm on sunday.
   c: nominating committee
       opening nominations from next year's exec (independent from vacancy process) starting next week! if you're interested in running for any position, tell nom com.
   report from 1vp: will be attempting to take the fence on wednesday, have outlets and stuff so you can take your laptop to do work.


   (meta3) the thing
       at Kate
       goes to Woody
           not fault= meta meta meta meta spirit of the thing 
           fault= the fact that we might have to give that if you don't show next week
   orders of the day
   1. Feb 11: 
   m: discreetly ask the president how much allocation i should make for ctfws
       replace: "president" = "acting chair"
       table until sept 30
   2. #define i play pot of greed
       table for 2 weeks
           2 weeks is spring break, we'll see you in 3


   alloc $58.96 to reimburse liam for financial, emotional, and culinary trauma caused on friday
       replace: $58.96 w/ $38.96
       culinary trauma is a strict subset of emotional trauma?
           it's a big category here
   c: basically that
   p: a pointer to the title
       dereference the purpose
           new p: basically that
       dereference the purpose again
       cast purpose to pinter type and dereference
           chair doesn't allow that
       $3 to McKenna. chair=Ian
   c: culinary trauma rehabilitation
   p: provide necessary care for those poor souls victimized by former us vice president algore
       blame dispersal com: it's partially your fault cause you didn't spend any money to bid them out
       "this is what the underground exist for"
           "has the underground rehabilitated anyone of anything?"
           "as someone who lived in e tower, yes"
       $? to Liam. chair=anyone who ate the algore ice cream
   c: ken hovis appreciation
   p: to express only the utmost gratitude to the class that ken hovis provided
       ken hovis = reschedule etiquette dinner from the date of ctfws to the date of the lab. need to miss an advanced microbio class. thank you ken hovis for this opportunity.
       $3 to Kate. chair=the rest of the elders at ken hovis's church. he's a southern baptist. the others are the ones who made all the homophobic statements
   m: alloc <= $169.69 for food and supplies for CtFwS
       it's a good idea
   standing rule: to pass a motion to allocate an amount with the number 69 in it by acclamation, we need to say "it's a nice idea"
   standing rule: "centicents" = 1/100 of of a cent. must be tracked separately by the treasurer
   run the archive
   Oct 29
   c: why the fuck are you using scry
   p: to remind us the next time we're using scry
       m: banish rauen to the shadow realm
           out of order
       m: pointer to raun
           out of order
       m: table indefinitely
           passed. back in the archive
   #define "shadow realm" = an object containing an arbitrary number of pointers
       c: kgb historians point out that this is different from last year's shadow realm
   m: banish rauen to the shadow realm
       out of order
   m: banish that pointer to rauen to the shadow realm
   m: change "point of information" to "pointer of information"
       out of order
   m: create valgrind
       anything in the shadow realm will yell at you
   pointer: "pointer of information" = to point of information
       we don't have a rule to make pointers to rules in the roberts rule of orders
   #define: 4="strong second"
       this means that if we say "recursion depth", it means "strong second" and also 4
   pointer: discussion of whether or not to create the shadow realm
   m: banish the pointer above to the shadow realm
   c: pointer to itself (its own committee)
   p: pointer to the name of the committee
       dereference the purpose twice
       new p: the committee whose name is a pointer to itself
       $4 to Woody. chair=Woody and pointer to this committee
   m: include in dereferencing null pointer:
       - pointer to any discussion at the time
       - banish that pointer to the shadow realm
       passed by one (1)


   CtFwS this friday. come and play cause it's super fun. if you're willing to not play for a game or two, tell kate so you can judge.
   Fence painting is more likely than not happening this wednesday night. come join us at the fence at any point. Help us paint it!!
   We're KGB Exec. meet Wednesday 3.30 at UC 329. We're looking for a president. Don't if you haven't been on Exec before. Do, if you think you're good at it.
   Annual meeting is coming up. you need to pay off your debts before the meeting before the annual meeting.
       voting member = good standing (current dues and all debts fulfilled), attended at least one meeting during current term of membership


   oh wow did you know that ctfws is this friday? biannual r7 party, starts at 9pm. party post ctfws
   office of residential ed: do not lick the wall
   ARCC food event 10pm-1am, night of CtFwS
   observe culinary standards at your will