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   Dez had a weekend. But seeemingly more importantly had a day. probability in computing, get answer right and she had a ta buy things. got dinner rolls and apple juice with cinderella head, toothpaste without toothbrushes, toothbrushes without toothpaste. to different people. 
   Cam had a weekend. discovered that terminal doesn't have the color set up properly. spent larger amount of time setting up color from vim setup. turnup and every keyword is in bright neon keyword. cannot read anything.
       Alums announce themselves
           "hello" "ah hi"
       We are the CMU KGB and most of us don't know who you are. Kate is contracted a terminal illness and terminally die. Name, what you do, where you're from
           Jason. some kind of programmer. 09. fluent in esperanto. had a bagel for breakfast.
           Matt. 2006. also some kind of programmer i think. in pittsburgh not for this but for another event. that's very boring.
           k?. running for prez of united states. at a kgb meeting.
   Kate had a weekend. nonsignificant and high amount of time meddling with flies.
       Asher runs for student body prez
       Event: tool training. 
           how to use tools! how to be less scared of saws! send mini fence to its grave and build a new one.
   Ellen had a weekend. spent a good amount of time studying in the new tepper quad. judging prospective students and family. checked out parking layer of tepper quad. there's nothing down there. don't go there looking for anything. 
   Janny had a weekend. Started with cultural org event so couldn't go to GBGC, sorry guys. I was simultaneously going feral over some red diluted syrups and 15213. Spent the rest of the weekend chopping vegetables cause I didn't wanna work anymore.
   Rauen missed 2nd meeting in his exec-ness.
       Liam: presumably had a weekend. don't know, haven't been in touch for like 2 weeks or more. 
   Mitch had a weekend. not exactly a weekend. prospective high school student. sat and talked about fortnite. 


   c: good april fools day joke
       furry dating sim, real trailer. real
   c: oh fuck i forgot what i named this committee the facebook horribly misinterpreting my life
       pregnant, pro life, don't want to keep baby
       simultaneously join army and navy
       facebook thought kate had interest in high school, military wants to target this.
   ad hoc misap c: good april fools day joke
       google maps
       sigbovik, rashid, 5 oclock
       p of info: stackoverflow theme
           p of order: that's not a p of info
   c: very fake also not actually april fools joke
       couple weeks ago using playing cards as taro card, would be run over with a truck at some point
   p of info: does this mean i need to frame everything i say with "did you know" or "does this mean"
       p of info: more a comment than a question right?
   c: culinary standards
       brother over for birthday. tried out "curry on murray"
           got served frozen curry puffs and walked out
   c: nomination
       last chance to pay dues: before next meeting starts!!
           liam for S@A
           (woody for 2vp)
           (woody for 1vp)
           woody for prez
           janny for 2vp
           (dez for recsec)
           woody for corsec
           mckenna for recsec
           dez for corsec
           rauen for recsec
           james for recsec
           rauen withdraws from recsec
           kushal for treasurer
           (mckenna for 2vp)
           (woody for 2vp)
           (kushal for 2vp)
           (james for 2vp)
           (mitchell for prez)
           mitchell for 2vp


   The thing at rauen
       meta 4 at rauen
           goes to liam
   Orders of the day
       m: #define pot of greed
           table for 4 weeks?
               change to tabling for 2 weeks twice


   alloc <= $100 for food and supplies for event


   going to sigbovik