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   Dez - Had the event, and Hitler got shot. Watched endgame.
   Janny - Started in scathe, and did some duolingo and satisfied the owl.
   Mitchell - Has a sad friend, who can't find his plane.
   Mckenna - Not here, making pravda. HERE NOW: had a weekend, pretty busy, roomates dad showed up and wanted to meet her. Printers sucked, but pravda called. SUBMIT TO PRAVDA.
   Woody - Had a weekend, started with shitler.
   James - Lots of card games
   Kushal - Saw endgame, good movies.


   Liam: Totally real endgame spoilers committee spoils endgame.
   Liam: Culinary standards committee suggests triad night.
   Kate: Children of foriegn parents support group committee reports on christmas.
   Tim: Trust me calendars gets worse committee points out that Easter is hard to plan.
   Liam: Stupid history committee reports on gliding tanks.
   Tim: Trust me calendars get worse reports on Feb 30, 1712, where Sweden tried to convert and failed miserably.
   Kate: Trust me calendars can get worse committee reports on Kate's trivia catergory.


   The thing! - Kate and Liam have returned the meta's, so we have the spirit of the thing. Kate didn't let thanos join the avengers, and took the thing.
   Pot of greed came up, and went down.
   Create your own jokes committee, tabled until archive jankiness.


   Liam: Motion to make a standing rule such that a motion to "make liam mad" is to take a packet of laffy taffy which contains two jokes and put them on top of the oreos.
   Mitchell: Motion to allocate up to but not exceeding 6.69 for food and snacks for next weeks meeting.
   Woody: Motion to make liam mad.
   Tabled for one week.
   Kate: Motion to make liam come to meeting next week.
   Janny: Motion to create the culinary substandards committee.
   Purpose: Cook food with subpar standards.
   Passed, sold to Janny.
   Tim: Motion to create the culinary sub standards committee.
   Purpose: To make it known that quiznos, Penn, station, debellas, and **** are all much better than Subway.
   Passed, sold to Tim.
   Liam: Motion to create the sub culinary standards committee.
   Purpose: To promote culinary standards when upon a submarine.
   Passed, sold to Liam.
   Liam: Motion to create the sandwich ontology committee.
   Purpose: Rigorously determine what is and is not a sandwich.
   Sold to Woody.
   Mitchell: Motion to allocate up to but not exceeding $169 for this weeks event.
   Motion to create the "KBG doesn't make people into drug dealers" committee.
   Purpose: Ask James.
   Passed, sold to Mitchell.
   Liam: Motion to create the Execution committee.
   Purpose: To bring a small guillotine to every meeting.
   Passed, sold to Liam (for 13 Yen).


   Dez: We are exec. We meet on Wednesdays at 4:30, at UC 306. Probably.
   Mitchell: We are having LDOC. Come eat. Also fill out the form.


   Woody: Come to GCS!
   Kate: James maybe should have talked. Oops. Next week.
   Liam: Culinary standards would like to auction more foods. Hit Liam up.
   Kate: Are we in schmucks? (YES)
   **War between liam and Kushal
   Kate: If people want to make paper airplanes, hit up kate.
   Janny: Culinary substandards would like to share a simple recipe. Take out ramen, crush the noodles, put the seasoning in, and eat it.
   Tim: Culinary sub standards committee reports that Tim is heading to quiznos.
   Liam: Ad hoc culinary sub standards reports that you should not eat an actual submarine.
   Liam: Culinary sub standards committee reports that a right of passage is to drink the water out of the reactor.
   Tim: Colors, colors, I can't keep up, shit, oh my god, so many colors, please stop I can't record all of these, misty rose, slate blue, slate gray, steel blue, thistle, snow,    navajo white, peach puff, pink sandy brown, green, seafoam green, and gtfo.