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Stuff to do: Scavenger hunt. Should make hunted stuff less copious. Discussion of scoring. Should have three judges, rotate, or something. Nope - four. Add a crazy judge who wants a strange action. Someone will make list of stuff better.

Underground Tour: two weeks. Propaganda night should disappear (no making of posters - lea, Dom, Allen can do it).

Should poster for scavenger hunt in dorms.

So need an event. Get board get carded? Eh... Running Jumping Climbing Trees: unstructured, but nowhere to go. Donner ditch doesn't exist any more - can't put fire there. Mudgewood barbecue, combined with point of meat the officers? Or zombie walk around Oakland? Put after underground tour, when people are attracted. Add in movie, could be good. Put off until later.

Also, TOC is talk like a pirate day.

Barbecue is in use. Need an event: Something on the cut? CTF? Waterballoons? Waterballoon football? Barbecue in Meerson? Jello tasting party? Jello sculpting?

Conclusion: outdoor thing with jello? Barbecue?

So post calender of first three events, Em wants to make a rush poster. Make a fake frat and rush poster?

Other stuff: Small things for first meeting, and first after tour. Officer showdown at high noon, Mad libs. Introducing officers with announcements/signs/something. Also Dave's floating head thing at some point Introductions good for first meeting. Don't take too much time. Alan should announce. Backwards.

Should get wiki working. Access to kremthing...