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Dave: applied for show at RCT. Ben took conservative books, may take car. Good.

Lea: Need to leave by 6:30. Also, mumble. Chocolate milk.

csjackso: Nearly forgot about exec.

Dom: state of city is sad because of Fox.

Evan: Failing at remember to not die.

Em: KGB has money. T-shirts and dues are happy. Committee to bring KGB down from the inside recommends that officers not pay dues. Got stuff done, reply from boss: ``Thx Em...

cmartens: had a Tuesday. Climbing wall doesn't open until 5 PM. Sad.

Old business:

Website/wiki may exist.

New business:

Events: Friday: need entertainment: frisbees, soccer ball, stuff. Jello. Need refrigeration. Use car. In Meerson if possible. Weird jello's should be labeled.

36th biannual KGB zombie shamble.

Underground tour: Shawn, Chuck, Tom Strong? Lots of changes - new things. Gates center, water flows up hill, KGB's stuff moved. Dom/Alan/Em interested. Should post on b-board for sneaksy/climby people. This weekend should edit/walkthrough. Also barbecue space - picnicking in Donner, may be able to barbecue there. Or Mudgewood, but preferably Donner? Could also do near-fence barbecue. Need to know when cooking people should leave, and how much food, and that there's a car in case of more food.

Order of preference for Underground tour food: Donner ditch, fence, Mudgewood.

Painting fence? Have paint? Probably, though chances of getting fence are small.

Lea won't be here for zombie walk. Other people should learn zombie makeup.

Also, ROTC story about taking fence - someone did that to a different group freshman year. It's ``not uncommon. Zeugma: using the same word to link to two different words in two different ways: Jones took his hat and his leave.

Want to do banner and the Lenin slats.

Much nonsense about zeugma/syllepsis.

Activities Fair: the 6th - should have fliers, sign up sheets. Should have random things, perhaps from the bake-barter or other stuff from office or party favors.

Dom: some guy e-mailed KGB trying to find Akiva.