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dlstern: had a week, TOC yesterday. Sick in the head, not as bad as 20 minutes ago.

lea: Sitting in a room full of boys and chocolate fudge mix. Last night e-mail from Ian Ingram.

csjackso: In a room more largely populated by chairs and brownie mix than lea's room was. Didn't go to TOC.

dom: Was a pirate for the TOC. Built a pirate ship. One kid liked sailing, was sad that there wasn't actually a ship.

edanaher: Skipped TOC for classes and homework. Laptop external display is pretty.


Event: Running Jumping Climbing Trees: should bring fun stuff. Frisbees, stuff. Should reserve a room for snacks and such, maybe.

Next week: Not scaring small children, possibly arts and Krafts. Want to postpone get board get carded for the 13th. Could do Porter stuff... Maybe do Get Board Get Carded, do something cool for the 13th.

Could have a talent show eventually. Needs work: planning, getting people involved.

When is CtfWS: November 10 has been suggested. Em will be gone. GREs are November 4. Kernel typically before Thanksgiving, the 17th. So the 10th. Also works better with travel, farther away from Thanksgiving.

Could make stuffs: hats/masks.

Friday the 13th would be good for a Murder Mystery, if we want to do it. Elaborate setup with hinting at stuff. Like the Leper Prom from the past. Should figure out what it is: game, weird. Should have a story. dlstern will ask Chuck about the one on the web site. Need to have a group doing it, with meetings at specific times. Could do a camp-in in Porter Hall. Good place for murders. Should hint at it very not subtly. Want lots of small rooms, so maybe A19. Should get ideas with standard ridiculousness. E.g., leper school. Could have Nesky in a mask and cloak, like death. Also should have random generic sounds coming from somewhere. Rooms with speakers, sounds coming in from windows. Roanoke? Can make fake camp fire. Need a counselor with speech about deaths from last year not happening, and werewolf rumors are false.

``Pool side real big - text message from Dom's friend.

Need to get someone to the meeting for finances, Jared will be there anyway.