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dlstern: Went to student activities, to get RCT, should make key work in this room. Turns out, we're not supposed to have access here? Em will look into it.

csjackso: events: Get board, get carded, people bring games, then play them. Food, soda. Little things of cheese. Next week: pot luck? Generic indoors. Should have a name: KGB feeds itself. KGB Cannibalism? Nope: ``KGB feeding frenzy.

Friday the 13th: actual game with rules, or just narrative thread? Last time, set up as Masquerade in Peter-Wright-McKenna with speakers and punch. Then fun anyway, and gave certain people roles. Mystery was written and set up during the event. People kept dying, people supposed to figure out, but too random. Masquerade made enough people have fun with it. Maybe more fun with a bit more plot. How to keep people in the room besides playing game? Porter-party with camping. Campfire, cabin, woods, dead lounge. A19. Puns about dead people and version control systems. Smores! Toasters ovens for marshmallows. Fake fire (from booth). Or video of logs from fire. Narrative thread/characters: cast of the counselors. Introduce people to camp, denying murders, random happenings from past years. Give people traits: sentence or two describing. Secrets: a secret card and adjective, irrelevant but funny. Combinations lead to more hilarity. Three independent killers/people to die. At the end, summon an elder God and kill everyone: people have to explain what happened: everyone writes down a guess, vote on the correct one. One killer is collecting sacrifices to summon the elder god. One killer in exec, one has no connection to exec. One card could be ``you are a serial killer. Or ``No really, you like rice crispies. Or one is a serial killer, but not one of the killers. One exec, one not exec, and one card. Don't do the fake serial killer. Send the random killer to the dead people room. People should generate traits and secrets. Should have icebreakers. Circle of fun.

CtfWS: November 10. Should post to bboard, check for complaints. AB concert, but next week is kernel, previous week is too soon. Web site, bboard, fliers eventually, defector's list? Moved to cmukgb, Talk to Abe/Keith/bgilbert about it.

Pravda? Need a few more submissions, manifesto.

Jared went to meeting.