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dlstern: This week is interviews, like next week. Today, started asking mildly technical questions. Glad for 211.

lea: Mona Lisa was pregnant, according to the Times. Four hours of reviews, not coherent. Had ice cream. Tonight, with be printing potatoes. Went to Lizza's class and learned to work with wire.

csjackso: This week is potluck, easy. Should bring plates and silverware.

Rooms for murder mystery: A18 + 125C for dead people. Should bring zombie makeup, movie for early dead people. Also crafts stuff. End meeting with zombie uprising? Exec/ish should be gifts.

Lea is arts and crafts (Popsicle sticks and gimp). Dom is gay stoner/hippy counselor. Dave: head counselor/camp directory Csjackso: outside supervisory/not counselor/Jamaican bobsledder. Can do anything. Token black guy, can be killed first. Or just get killed first, then can run stuff. Brash and overconfident counselor who goes into the woods/ski instructor. Sports. Em: waterfront. edanaher: Token geek. Teach logo. Alan: camp theater program, apparently gay, actually straight. Akiva: camp nurse.

Jared: Non-counselor killer. Other killer is Dom. Then a card killer who should visit the Csjackso after he's dead.

How to kill people? Tell them when they're alone in the hallways.

Four pieces of blue paper for lake. Cabins:

Dave will sketch out locations and props. Have list of things to get by Friday, probably Thursday nights.

Jolly name badges?

Meeting Monday after the meeting.

Em: Need rerecognition: write up a list of members, list of events, statement of purpose, plans for the next year. Just needs to be written, done on time and properly. Em can bring it next week, look over it. Someone else needs to read bylaws by then. Can get event list from calendar, livejournal, bboard, or Styger. Doesn't matter so much, just need to do what we're supposed to. Need statement of purpose.

Alan: perhaps a conference for leaders who just want to fuck around. SWISH. Like SYZYGY, but not.

Dom: e-mail is gone. Should ask Shawn. Have Pravda? if Dave writes manifesto. Will write one, then do Dave's manifesto later.

Could hand out Pravda? like they do readme. See people's expressions once they get it. Should have a battle of the manifesto's, each person sees how many they can give out.

edanaher: Windows key is broken. Should post minutes to bboards.