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Dave not at event:

Should have campfire in central meeting room. Video of the yule log. People burning in the fire. Semi-subliminal cuts between them. Toasters/toaster oven for s'mores? Ingredients are expensive. Halloween candy is cheap.

Other rooms; field, lake. Could bring blue towels/blankets for lake.

Jared - mad scientist. Dom - cultist. Other - generic.

43/38 traits/secrets on cards.

Should have at least one killer with a hockey mask.

Should conspicuously kill a killer (Dom), spoil Dom's plan. But not actually die.

How to kill? Wait for alone or groups of 2-3, killer tells them to stagger into a room, make a scene, fall down, lie down, then go to the dead room. Counselors hush it up, carry the body out.

Registration desk at entrance to A18. Take table, give out cards.

During event?

lea wants elbow macaroni, paper plates, gimp (art store on Hobart).

Cabins? Two counselors per cabin, silly names, no real purpose.

Plastic eggs (with pennies?) egg race.

Each counselor has a thing: Dom has sing along around campfire. Bad Camp song book.

Csjackso: dies, runs stuff from the outside.

Em: Tiny pirate boats on the water, play with them. Fields: just play balls.

Alan: copies of a Shakespeare script, or different ones. Try to get people to memorize them, they fail, get new people.

How is Dom dying? Tries to kill someone, fails.

Tell fake killer not to kill too many.

Dom should take breaks from guitar and kill people.

Recommend that we get there earlier for setup.

Stuff to bring

Fake blood: blue dish soap with red dye.

Lea: elbow macaroni, yarn, gimp. have yarn. paper plates.

Dom: guitar, flowers, love. Fake blood.

Em: songbook.

Zombie makeup in death room.

Death room: Chips and dip, movies, games/cards.

Zombie invasion, then dead party, stuff happens. Then have the zombie-living people mixer. Or not.

Zombie mixer could be a future event.

Akiva's head counselor, since Dave won't be there. Wear silly hat, be annoying. Starts event gathering near camp fire, speech. Apologize for rumored deaths from past years. Just rumors.

Random killer should not be given out randomly.

Jared with hockey mask/knife/lab coat leading zombies at the end.

Announcement about going into the woods alone.


7-7:30 Show up. 7:30-40 Welcome speech 7:45: csjackso dies. 8:00: csjackso meets killer in 125C 7:45-10:00: activities/murder 9:00: Dom dies after killing. Then someone is killed later. 10:00: start debriefing. ``Nightmare is over - it's alright now. Call the police (csjackso) 10:05: bickitey bam, zombies! Henceforth zombie party.

Akiva does debriefing besides door, zombies at window, Jared opens door in stuff.

Mostly keep counselors with real events (lea, Alan) alive, as well as Akiva.

No scary nurse: cmartens?

Next meeting: vote on booth. Have potential chairs of Em and freshmen... Should do a real vote.

Next week:

  midsemester break: movie night.  Horror movies.