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This week, movie night. Day of the dawn of the .... People can bring movies. In A14.

Start reminding people about CTFWS: Livejournal, Assocs, defectors. Maybe start getting judges. Could have someone work on rules, but can just keep them as is.

Halloween party: next Friday. Should have decorations, do stuff. May still have spiders/web, definitely bright orange streamers. Should use the stuff in the office. Main room with food - skeletons, webs. Room with dancing and darkness, something with third room: giant spider, tiny plastic gold rings? Issue: people tend to stay in the food room for a while. Maybe set up food in C? Or otherwise make C interesting. Goth twister? White, off white, gray, black. Or just all black. Wings and claws on the spinner: ``Right stupid fairy wing on black. ``Your tortured soul on black. Though maybe make sure someone's in them room. Should also be the room playing Monster Mash a bunch, with occasional other things interspersed. Also should make sure that each spot except for tortured soul should also have a legitimate body part.

Week after Halloween: Remember, Remember the third of November: burn Guy Fawkes in effigy by applying icing to cake.

Bonfire in Frick over a weekend?

Parent's weekend: need parent-friendly event, also something that could take lots of people or not lots of people. Could also build parliament out of legos? Have legos available, make a famous landmark. Prize for whose landmark explodes most convincingly. Maybe get legos from AB? Not much else. So find a couple more holidays that are obscure and amusing. Pourum? Too well known? Evacuation day? Ideally obscure and sometime around now if necessary.