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dlstern: report, eh. Not much interesting.

lea: Glyphs: talked to Kinko's in the basement, can laminate up to 11x17, $2 each. Suggest print 11x17 on quota, laminate there "while you wait", tonight? Not finished yet. Third floor of CFA, 10:00. Sending text out now. Stuff about nipples being cut off.

csjackso: Totally sick. Yay.

Dom: Not sick, but fucked. Not 212's fault. Malloc's fault.

edanaher: Did work.

eleather: Failure who can't read time. Put money in the bank, ~3k. Committees and dues.

cmartens at the Waterfront. House getting a vacuum cleaner. eleather has a cute cat.

CtFWS: Glyphs being worked on. Can someone else take them to be laminated - Dom. Stuff is good, lots of potions, one watch clearly works, but doesn't get to the right mode, other than that, good. One per glyph, with five spares. Also, usual have rules attached to glyph of jail. Same rules as last year, so can use same printouts.

Stuff on glyphs is just reminders, not too important.

Need to print out lots of copies of the rules and cheatsheets:

Printing: glyphs are covered, cheatsheets need to be printed (in andrew space?), rules need to be printed: ~10 copies for judges (csjackso), because they'll get lost. Flyers? Chalk where they're filming. Have flyer designs in AFS, some new ones. Some old ones in low resolution on the web site, but can just do last year's and Alan's new one. Want to flyer tonight. Get them printed right after meeting. Alan could also go to CFA and fix his poster if necessary. Or any Windows/Mac cluster.

Rules Presentation: Akiva might have it, bgilbert would have the newest version. Mostly remember what was on the cheatsheets anyway, could probably reproduce.

Judging: 6 judges per round, plus head judge. csjackso can be The Head Judge. First game has overlap with Andrew Bird: first game: dlstern, edanaher, jgg, quuxom, Alan? Second round: dlstern, akiva, jgg, Quuxom, lea. Third: cpride, jgg, alan, quuxom, dom. Want a couple printouts of the judging schedule.

Purchasing: need chocolate and Gatorade. Styger brought own food for judges room. csjackso will get.

T-shirts: Need memberlist, Em cannot track, edanaher will bring member list.

First aid kit: looked briefly in the office, couldn't find it. Not in the cage. Needs to be found. Almost certainly in the office, possibly stuff bin.

[We are recognized, don't have statement of assurance, so it's okay to discriminate - actually do need to add it on Monday. Otherwise, we'll forget.]

Next week's event: FMS is giving pallets to food pantry, CFA is giving 2x4's. Want to do power tool orientation. They need shelves - just hold paper bags with small amounts of food. So we could maybe build shelves. Could get Floyd to use truck to move there. Could also do stuff there? Or work here. On the other hand, power tool orientation flops. Put it to the general body. Probably a good idea, maybe not the event - weekend?

CtF: good except for cheatsheets and presentation. Duct tape! To hold up glyphs and mark of neutral area around judges room. Might want to make more arm bands - existing ones are getting small.

People should get there by 6:30 at the latest. Show up at 6:00.

Next week's event: Philip K. Dick movie night: low effort, last before Thanksgiving, kernel. Yay Total Recall.

Good to solicit event ideas from general body.