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dlstern: should have done a bunch of work last night, didn't, should do it tonight instead.

lea: All sorts of sick and tired. End report.

csjackso: No longer all sorts of sick and tired, but a bajillion days behind. Catching up by doing things that are due soon, not stuff that was due a while ago.

ddagradi: Have an exam in an hour.

edanaher: No real homework, just a silly book for Friday.

eleather: Getting over being tired, not very quickly. Food might help.

Friday: movie night, need The Correct Movies. Or could drop theme. Or could act out short stories. But people should bring such movies. Minority Report, Blade Runner, Total Recall. Also maybe get a Scanner Darkly.

Week after thanksgiving: Exciting, yet low maintenance.

Naptime; oh, ye indiscriminate scritches. Orgy? Leave shoes in one room, since an orgy is often defined as 6 people without shoes.

Kiss and Tell: don't know what it's about, though. KISS and the William Tell overture: nerf guns?

Take KGB ice skating? Takes money, we'll be doing subliminal geek fishing soon. Ice skating at Schenley, people make fools of themselves, also can winter walk in Schenley. KGB Falls on its Ass. Should look at the rink, subsidize? Should find out how much it is, how much renting it out would cost. Should announce at the next event, people might get skates, also judge interest.

Em's events from freshman year: Spring cleaning: the pool.


Should lock the bylaws in the wiki so they are accurate. Also, images disabled, might want to fix that. Keith should do it.

Accounts on the Mini exist for positions (may or may not actually exist, and may not have been passed down), as well as some individual account. Should e-mail Keith, get accounts with full access for Corsec and President.

Motion for someone to say "Wes, Kremthing's broken!". Next time there is Chinese, we need a "Wes, functor's broken" fortune cookie.