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KGB Exec Meeting – 04/30/08

Officer Reports:

President: ROAR! First VP: Gone fishing Second VP: Doesn't have to write these down. Two problem sets left! Stat test. Cor Sec: Where is Glisson? Has dance EVERY DAY this week. CivE project due on Friday. First VP(finally shows up): Homework! Likes fluid. Lost his wallet. Rec Sec: Lots of ram. 150% grade increase on physics test! Treasurer: We have money in the bag. People need to pay for their crap. End of semester. AAAAAAAAAH! Sergeant at Arms: Splashed soup in her face. Burned between eyes. Tentacles still functioning.

Committees?!?!?!?! Committee to take KGB down from the inside: Survived elections drama. Fail.

This weeks event! Might have rain. The internet says so. It NEVER LIES!!!!!! Who bought burger cooker? Steve/Shenders/badger! Foreman grills? Ask BBoard. But hopefully it won't rain.

Dom has a car for Friday if we need it!

Geek eat! Mafia night? Go out and eat nice food. Mafia night -- Italian! Need to reserve. Wait for RVSPs then add five. Post about it NOW! Remind people on Friday.

Masquerade Ball: We were going to have it this semester... now have to hold it during a weekday -- conflicts with exams. reading day -- geek eat. weekend -- every gone. So push it back to next year? Needs planning and stuff -- so maybe next year is right.

Final in our space Monday -- fast meeting.

Who is running KGB assassins now a days?

Spread vicious rumors about Evan next year? Evan Pravda?

Nicole did the password thing. Is now in charge of the things instead of the other guy. Switched around stuff.

Online banking -- yay!

Last minute business? Probably...

Puzzle hunt: Gwillen is in control. But doesn't have rooms!?!?!?!?!

Are we done? DONE!