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Officer Reports

Jared: Two days since Monday. God in the West looks interesting. Can't tell if the cluster agrees with him. Glisson: Work on X-project. Conflicts with KGB exec and food. Carolyn: Life is boring except for the stuff that makes it less boring. Will be insane soon. ntr: 2 hour lecture. Ahhh! Drew: Not much to say. Laura: Making a facebook app. Liz: So much incest in Genesis.

Actual Business

Move exec to 4:30. Done. Update the bboard.

Event! Poisoning Potlucks in the Park! Carolyn is bringing flatware/drinks/cake????. Dom is bringing a fuck-ton of cake for Friday. Giant Eagle has cake?

UNDERGROUND TOUR! It needs work! All of exec have access to google docs thing. Send Jared an email from gmail if you want to help and are not in exec. Want to cut stuff. Someone told Chris to tell Nicole to tell us that she has a story for the tour. Glisson has stories. Need a meeting to deal with cutting and adding things to the tour. Underground Tour Meeting: Saturday at 1:30. Office Keys: Get them? Or do Kage Keys work? Should get them anyways.

Activities Fair: 4-6. So exec will happen during it. Do the hat thing again. Sign up list. Bobby pins so we can wear the hats.

Back to underground tour -- we have a good poster. It just needs to be send out.

Back to activities fair. Allocate funds on Monday to give out candy on Monday. Give out Canadian money. CHANGE!

Halloween Party: October 31st is a Friday! Week! CTfWS: 1st week of November or 3rd week of November. Find when Kernal is due. Week of the 3rd of November. Date would be 7th. Lets plan on the 7th and give time for people to be like "no". But make sure its clear that its tentative, so that people don't like, book flights to be wrong.

Ball: Spring?

KGB Assassins -- the official game? Glisson wants to run it.

KGB Seal of Approval: Stuff Seal on a Stick!

Someone has keys that do something. Liz now has the keys that do something. And Carolyn.

Nicole did officer bios.

Update website this year?