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Officer Reports

Jared: Reading the new testament. Interesting. Jesus wants you to be perfect?

Glisson: <>< (its a fish!)

Carolyn: Got work done today!

Nicole: *re-enacts how her professor acts* Hoffman is an idiot.

Drew: Use Kesden

Laura: We have money.

Liz: Dropped Zen Stu-Co.

Things to talk about

Need to send people to financial stuff twice. Different people can go to both. General Financial Meeting. Mondays and Tuesdays at 4:30. Dom can go to one of the Tuesdays. Need one or two official authorized signers for another meeting. Liz can go.

They will know who our officers are soon.

Events to Plan

Get board get carded. Need to get snacks and things. Have $50

Running jumping climbing trees next before the sun goes away Juice boxes? Yes!

Capture The Flag With Stuff November 7th. Official date!

October 31. Halloween Part. November 1. Puzzle Hunt.

Ball: Spring? But schedule it in spring now. Third weekend of classes? Mask-making the week before, so move it back a week at put it on the 6th of February.

Do we want the pool for an event? Talk to the pool people and figure out what we need from them. Carolyn can do that. Chrisamaphone said we need to talk to someone in Skibo.

KGB the Movie: When are people free? Saturday is looking good. Dom will send out an email. Elections are not until spring. But we should talk about NomCom. Need to ratify the changes we made last year or get rid of it enterily. Have a bylaws meeting to talk about bylaws, and then just get the changes discussed there to. Changed bylaws to consist of people in room (Exec, Dom, Richard and David K). Bylaws meeting after next weeks Exec. Nicole will post to the bboard.