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Officer Reports

Jared: No longer as three separate dogs. Just one dog.

Glisson: Doing pretty well. Lots of work but enjoying it.

Carolyn: Wrestled with paper submission stuff.

Nicole: Spent time trying to do homework.

Drew: Code that doesn't work isn't fun.

Laura: Work. Arghblarg.

Liz: TOC. Wasn't going to go but is going to go.

Serious Business

Event: Money has been allocated for juice boxes and cookies and bubbles. Rain plans? yes. But it shouldn't rain.

Next week event: Want to get the pool. ??? Backup Event: Movie night? Movie night in pool? Improv? Karaoke? Improv Karaoke? Karaoke if we don't get the pool.

Rerecognization: Needs to be done

Back to pool. 1 lifeguard for less than 25 people, 2 for more than 25. Need 2. $10 per lg per hour. So make even 7-10. Pool provides life guards.