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Officer Reports

Jared: Stuff about computers. Computer thinks it is 64 bits.

Glisson: Nothing exciting to say except for a conversation I eavesdropped on conversation comparing sleep and sex.

Carolyn: New glasses.

Nicole: Three hours of sleep last night.

Drew: No morning class. Lots of sleep.

Labbott (given by Glisson): Did OS in Flash Action Script.

Liz: Back hurts. Must have slept wrong.

Important stuff

Moneys: How much do we actually have? (Answer: as much as we thought)

Room Reservation: What is up with which rooms they give us?

KGB The Movie: Is it coming?

Event: Karaoke!

Next Week's Event: Nap Time! Want nap time later when more people are dead? Movie Night? Generic Porter Party? Want low maintenance event. After GRE, so want Nap Time. (alternate event. WHEEL OF PAIN!) So yeah, Nap Time.

Bylaws: Should we clarify absentee issue that came up last year? Just remember to tell people the right thing.

Post to BBoard saying when we are changing the bylaws. Also tell freshmen how to access bboard.