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Officer Reports

Jared had a robot. Was suppose to try and make it work with a camera on the ceiling. Camera tells the robot where it/obstacles are. Block programing works. Turn into C# code... change the camera bit... got it to work after modifying stuff in different ways. TAs are nice.

Carolyn has the second report. Kinda going insane. Going to the conference! Hotel! Flight! Everything! Capstone going better. Pretty happy, still going insane. Event planned for every week from now until the end of the semester.

Nicole just did some things with some toxic things. Making stuff magnetic. Weird. Things with flasks and stuff. Left lab partner there...

Drew has a stuffy nose. Like getting drunk? Probably the cold talking.

Laura is depressed because she wishes OS was her only class. Doing OS/sleeping a lot. Yadda yadda. KGB still has money. Paid Carolyn back.

Liz went to a booth meeting. It was good. Details coming later. Is not from a northern climate. Doesn't know how to make radiator work. Fat Ass *Censored* was making noise last night. Getting rid of some this weekend.

Serious Stuff

Event: Bring poetry and read it. Dom has an espresso maker?

Rooms for KGB classic and mascaraed ball reserved.

Why does Jared's cup have emotions?

Puzzle hunt!

Next week: Get rooms ahead of time for Halloween. A18* if possible. Halloween decorations in the office. Sad that it isn't after Halloween s.t. decorations are cheep. Carolyn is crazy busy because of puzzle hunt. So if someone wants to get decorations, would support that.

Next Next Week: CTFWS -- have rooms. Judges. Need Judges meeting. After exec next week? Evan made us a presentation. Advertising? Get more sea foam green paint! (nooo!)

Booth Theme: Epic Adventures! Also, should officially appoint booth chairs. Motion made to appoint Liz, Sam and Greta as booth chairs. Seconded. Passes 6-0-1 (Glisson wasn't here).

Post to bboard asking for CTFWS posters.