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Officer Reports


Go to France, speak English, people he works with won't be sad but everyone else will. Online course next semester? Doesn't actually want to learn French. But wants to internet with the coolest robots hes ever seen. Doesn't like learning languages. Doesn't think he was going to say anything else.


Did a ton of work Monday night. Stayed up until 7:00 in the morning. Didn't study for the quiz today, still did well. LBP is a lot of fun, Metroid Prime 3 a lot of fun. Life in danger. Going to join an organization that cares more about his personal safety. Completely forgot everything else he was going to say because someone was trying to stick a writing utensil up his nostrils.


Report! Report! Had a day (but only one). Doesn't remember yesterday. A lot of capstone. Stress. Scheduling for next semester is depressing, everything at 10:30.


Amused that freshmen are amused by snow. Mark didn't hate schedule.


Argh blargh I am labbott this is my report.


Scheduleman says that there are no courses between 3 and 8 units offered. Which is funny because she is taking three of them. Schedule looks good, guy who she works for says she can TA next semester. Still trying to get outfit for halloween.


Wants theme in two weeks???? Talk more about themes at upcoming meeting. Then vote the week before. Post Apocalypse? Too much like last year. Adventure by not having an adventure.

Real Events

Halloween Party! Decorations in the office. Candy, decorations,

Nicole's Report

Had lab. Professor was like "Oh, yours broke. How interesting. Green on outside, maroon on inside. Blah blah blah..." Nicole was like "Stop being interested in science I need to leave".

Back to Real Events

Halloween Party:

Candy, decorations, costumes. KGB is like the guarantee that you will never to elected to public office. Event is taken care of.

Next weeks event

CTFWS and Puzzle Hunt. (Um no, Jared, Puzzle hunt is THIS WEEK. But Exec doesn't need to worry about that).


Holy crap! *all of exec waves hands*. Judges meeting TODAY! Have rooms! Have a facebook event. Evan gave us a kindaposter. Flash posters. Evan poster. Have that actual event all set up, people have ideas for posters, people who make posters should post them to the bboard and the post them in poster places. Did we post to livejournal? Yes, but a month ago and so should do it again. Fence? Carolyn not willing to participate, but will help people get into the kage and what not. So taken care of? First aid kit in order, candy bars in box. Bottled water? Allocation for random crap next week. Have we contacted the facilities people/campus police/EMS? EMS has it on their calendars already. Nicole can email campus police.