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Officer Reports

==Jared== Glisson signed him up for a frat. Has a brain. Getting 14 instead of 9.8. Broke gravity.

==Glisson== Went to Fuel and Fuddle. Pittsburgh Riot. Intelligent mass group of people.

==Carolyn== Not sure she has a brain. Happy about the election. Unhappy about the other one. Country sane, state not so much. Event! Wait, not Monday.

==Nicole== Week really wants to kill her. (kill it first). Review session for exam tomorrow, exam yesterday, exam friday. Programing labs... calc homework... class outside of class.

==Drew== Election happiness will depend on how senate races go. Obama riot disturbed sleep. Can't find power cable.

==Laura== Wants her energy back.

==Liz== Jared's SMC is XXXX. Glisson's SMC is XXXX. C-Book is scary. Obama's kids get a puppy.



Liz can get stopwatches. Stuff-check after this. Have Judges, don't need consumables.

Next Week

Improv Night. Even though Carolyn is still going to be in town.


Videogames -- Don't want to do textbased. Overused theme, but still a popular idea within the membership. 
Space -- Star */Something in future. Or actual soviet stuff. Done in past
Sea -- 2000 leagues  -- Booth chairs like this 
Spy/Ruissia -- What to do? Good Soviet spy stories exist.
Center of the Earth  -- Booth chairs like this
Dobnya Nikitch
Jungle Temple -- Not unique. Done every year. Someone else wants to do it this year.

Stuff that didn't get crossed off to be submitted to membership

Center of the Earth
Dobnya Nikitch

Puzzle Hunt

Went over budget. Need to figure out by how much. Not an event event, but is something out organization does and so is def a KGB event. Where did they go over budget: props. But much of that is resuable/in office. Should bring Chrisamaphone in to talk about where things went over.