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Officer Report


This is my report. I am reporting. Watch me report.

Build mother three. Sees little black and white squares in front of his eyes because of Nurikabe

Needs to trace rays.


Had an dream. KGB event was an obstacle course in the gym. Yelled at Jared and Carolyn for the dangerous event.

Test tomorrow, but no example problems. All the example problems use matlab, no matlab on the test.


Professor likes to talk. Other professor does really creepy things. Was trying to look at the internet. Professor is weird.


Got into classes. 9 AM physics. Not much to report on


We have real money. Currently have X dollars, X is some positive number.


Has a boy. Facebook official. Wacky fun. On campus since 7:30 and going to be here until 11:00. Lots of real awesome sleep this weekend, not so much lately. Apartment is too hot. Dumb censored trying to hibernate. Box from Canada was from Thailand.

Real Relevant Stuff


Improv. Carolyn has everything set up with NPP, we think. Alan can help run stuff if need to. If Carolyn can't go shopping on Friday, who wants to go grab food. Glisson can.

Next Week's Event

Lets pretend that it is Get Board Get Carded Get Chess until Carolyn tells us otherwise. (Carolyn said otherwise... its KGB Klassic)

Puzzle Hunt

(KGB exec was comparing eating cupcakes to puppies) Originally Allocated $400. Spent $593.21 Gwillen willing to pay for a possible large fraction of the puzzle. Pizza was $220. Ask the body for half, so another $100.


Booth: Backish corner. Two adjacent sides. Theme: 2000 Leagues under the Sea Other peoples booth: magic schoolbus booth. Human Body booth. WoW booth. Wall-E booth.