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Room is, in fa ct, rather sound proof.

Officer Reports


Has a ray tracer. Traces rays. Good time. Been saying "Its a good time" a lot recently. More awesome than usual. Er, more often than usual. Met a girl called Iris. Fairly disconcerting to way of life. Hates computers and cluster. Doesn't want to come to KGB. Odd and unfamiliar.


Interesting dynamics period. People wanted room at 3:30, had reserved it. Professor was like "No I have it. I've had it for the last four years. Space quest is right".

Robotics project is destroying his soul. But it is fun! Soul wasn't already forfeited. MechEs get to keep their souls, until their robotics projects destroy them.

Spaceship out of legoes.

Russia's first space program, heat shield was 10 feet of wood.


Event! First part of a week, not sure what happened. Lots of capstone. Hopefully not going to fail... hopefully.


Um... problem set assigned three weeks ago. Still trying to figure it out. Then some boy showed up and explained everything and she felt really dumb.


Getting to addicted to logic puzzles. Likes the one with the lights. But it takes lots of time. Blames Jared.


Finished a kernel! Yay! Wait... has other homework to do. Deposited money. 724 pounds of rubber bands. Which is really $XXXX.


Looking for a new laptop. Mainly a tiny one. Wants a bigger screen than the Eee. When she looks at computer specs in cluster, boys are like "omg possessors must have biggest penis in room". Homework angst and woe. (Homework angst not Homework and angst). Winter and dries out. Kinda smells like chocolate.

Important Stuff

Event! All of 5300 reserved! KGB C-Club KClassick. C-Club has a poster. How many non-KGB people? C-Club and KGB has large overlap -- actually, not as much as they used to be. 10-12 C-Club people attend normal meetings. More show up for events, but larger overlap with that group. Put systems C-Club has on bboard.

Contact Chrisamaphone about bringing monkey island games?

Jared found a link to old adventure games, like monkey island. needs to figure out how to run them.

Next weeks event... Thanksgiving! No event. Might watch movies if people want to.

Drew's hair is funny.


Re-print of "My Actions".

Need to do another t-shirt inventory.

More different/different sizes CTFWS t-shirts.

Would like finite state machine simple game t-shirt.

Should be like "If you want to send us a design".

Glisson had idea for CTF posters... none have tentacles or squids. Some could be made into t-shirt.

Last years booth t-shirt? This years booth t-shirt! Should send out a request for design.

Dom needs to be more in touch with KGB.

Puzzle hunt T-shirts? Leave it to Gwillen.

Announce at meetings. Then Christmas happens and everyone forgets everything.

Event... t-shirts. Get board get carded get chessed after turkey day. Then geek eat.


Need to do anything? No. Deposit due by 12th of December.