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Officer Reports
Tried & failed to set up bank account
Housing is screwed up for next year
Has a shitty exam schedule and consequently work!
Currently dying of "the workdeath"
Lots of work... officer reports are repetitive!
Lots of sleep, lots of tired
Has a good finals schedule
Has lots of change in her room
Has snazzy glasses

Annual Meeting:
Eforney set it as Monday after next Carnival: April 23 2011
Motion made & passed to make that official
Officially notifying university of our elections w/nifty printed things
Resetting exec mailing list - Eforney needs to give it to Arsenij
Kremthing needs to be fixed, zmmcord offered to fix it
Bubbles ordered "My Actions" T-Shirts
Bubbles asked for a quote for CtFwS shirts
Will wait for next year to order, keep $ allocated
Let's send Nicole a T-shirt with her design
Will she be staying? we don't know!
Ask her about how long she'll be around
Find out shipping costs = approx $15
Glisson wants some 2x4s for a project
Bylaws committee:
chairs are Exec, Evan, Bswolf, Glisson
Motion made and passed
Mafia Night next week
Reserving places 2 days in advance
Movie night during finals, Zsparks won't be available
Zsparks is bringing food to the picnic thing
Others need to be around to guide people to farpark
Being nice to people during finals is probably cancelled.
We should get ceremonial stuff for each of the offices
Sword, Cloak, Staff, Signet, Quill, Shield, Boffer Mace
Figuring out Buttons - ping Caroline
Want to do cool things with it, but don't know what
Hanging him from places, attacking chairman Mao statue
Possibly move masquerrave to fall?
Reserve the room NOW
It's hard to find room during the spring b/c of greek sing
Also, balances number of special events in the spring
Tell people early so they can bring nice clothing to CMU
Pick a day in late october / early november?