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Officer Reports
Having a week
Fuck wireless
Met some people at TOC who knew him from the kgb bboard, cslounge
Interviewed with Qualcomm, could work with RUSSIAN STEVE
Had to do a proposal, thought it was more and did extra work
CIA information session thing that she can't go to
Did kung fu monday and again today
Talked to Jane Street Capital, Mozilla
Thomas/Edgar Wright night will happen sunday early afternoon
Reserved a bunch of rooms
Head still hurts from gas leak
Is sleeping lots and taking drugs, not helping
Went to TOC
Started work
Did lots of work, must finish 212
Went to health services during KGB, got cough medicine
Has work, doesn't understand thermo
Having a sexy, sexy week, which is nothing new
Has to do thermo/physics and then he's done until the weekend
Does not want to have a report but effectively is on exec

Reserving rooms

All of the normal rooms are taken next week
Double-booking? Lots of confusing phone number wankery
Wean 7500 for CtFwS and old cluster for judge's room
Need to figure out where to have the judges in a fair way
Karaoke needs to be moved to not next week
Talked to someone about KGB classic but forgot what they said
Next week's event is arts & crafts, then improv, then karaoke
Make sweatshirts - it was scorri's idea
Bubbles requested an estimate from the tshirt company
We should see if the general body is interested
Design it with one design, not many different like the tshirts
Allocate $60 for the UPS after checking to make sure the rest is okay
We know some things about money
-how to access the account
-some things are still not accessable, like how much money is there
Zsparks needs to get paid
Officer Bios. Will get uploaded by arsenij?