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Officer Reports

               Plays some techno that he made
               Scale from 1-10, how shitty was the techno?
               This is the weirdest exec meeting ever
               Has a test and a term paper due thursday
               Is sick but you can't tell
               Had an interview on the phone with the guy who created rust, who is cool
               PL wankers are the hipsters of CS!
               Google interview tomorrow morning, which he should approve
               More russian
               Test in an hour, should be fun
               Has something due at midnight (should do work)
               Finished 211 lab
               Is going to go visit facebook
               Got blood drawn for the first time, may or may not have mono/strep
               Got 10 hours of sleep last night, did no physics HW
               Bubbles made the requisite mono jokes
               Having a leisurely week
               Gotta do physics TALKING IN ALL CAPS not
               Does not want to report apparently


       Event - movie night, got 2315 and breed hall - it will be in 2315

Next week - maskerrave, how do speakers work?

            Ping Lincoln! and Meg Richards
            Zsparks will get music to happen too
            Glowsticks, extra snacks, larger allocation?

Someone should renew the ctfws.org domain... nowish... Kage keys for booth chairs - send email with list of people to get them,

            Jboning will add jhferris, kharring, maybe rocket matt?

Get Oracle Account straightened out (we need to make a $60 deposit for booth)

           We need to get number from the people, Scorri or Jboning or Adam will do it

UPS battery has been replaced - leave Kremthing going for the nonce Arsenij needs to contact CMU police, EMS about ctfws Carnival theme will be picked tonight, we should pick a theme for our booth after that

                Everyone start thinking of themes, vote at the meeting that makes that convenient

Bubbles order shirts, get quote on sweatshirts