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Officer Reports

               Makes an AWESOME joke about doing cocaine off of scorri's ass
               He is not sorry, he shouldn't even pretend
               His day just got a lot better but not nearly better enough
               Woke up at 330 and was like... I had an econ exam - probably dropping econ now
               Owned his sleep schedule with compilers and 545
               Having a week - it is great
               Finished her essay for the class she has in 2 hours - it was about Kubrick and some other dude
               Can't actually take on the world, beat zsparks to a scott pilgrim joke
               On track to graduate and all that shit
               Having a week
               Opposite experience from Eforney - dropped his researc because he didn't like it
               Going to DC tomorrow, job interview, colbert/stewart rally
               Going to be up very late doing category theory hw
               His contacts fell out, keeps seeing things weird, slowly losing sanity
               Finished doing the translation stuff, done with all work except for one assignment
               Should get some sleep
               Might take 312
               Not that much work this week
               Doing really bad research, his boss is not great
               Had two tests this week, three things of homework due soon, one of which she might not do
               Thermo and nature of language will happen
               Went to lunch with her father, got care package from her mother - it had "maple sugar"
               Treats from panera, not from us
               Far less "maple sugar" than scorri, unfortunately
               Same week as scorri, pretty much
               Should do meth instead?
               We all miss steve
               Thermo is pooping on him - there is poop on him from thermo


       Arsenij will be Zsparks for the halloween, he has $50 to spend on food
               Much of exec will not be attending or in limited capacity
       Judges meeting for ctfws
              Stuff check should happen at the same time / before
              Judges meeting at 500pm on wednesday, then go to office and do the stuff check
              We have 7500, old cslounge, and will use 6th floor stairway (DH/Wean) for flag checkin
              Steal a table from the cslounge for judges, cslounge will be room for people to dump stuff and EMT
              Jared will do the rules presentation because he is the best, but might teach people
              Get a microphone for the rules presentation - Zsparks will get it on Monday
                       We need to poster
                       print out a billion, bring a bunch to monday/exec meetings
       Event with CClub will be the 19th
       Melcon will be the weekend before that - they want us to do an event, we probably won't
              We're going to do KGB Takes a Nap instead, people can go to the con if they want
               Tonight is the meeting where we pick a theme
               They BETTER get the phantom tollbooth, there will be consequences
               The fee was paid
               Email bboard with the theme we get
               We should do a dramatic reading of phantom tollbooth at some point as an event
               The booth chairs need to read phantom tollbooth if we get it
       Eforney keeps getting mailman emails but she is no longer mailman - nobody knows how to fix it