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Officer Reports

               Arrives only two minutes late!
               Internship offer from Cavium - they do processors and stuff
               Expected: Second interview; Got: Internship offer
               They're in Boston; cool!
               Group for his ECE project that would make him the biggest dicks ever -
                     one of the other groups has ported doom to an FPGA, using premade stuff
                     they want to port doom using their own stuff, which would be the biggest one-up ever
                     they are huge dicks, but better than them
               This week is surprisingly doable
               Has to give a little presentation on her term paper
               Did a skit in Russian today; got two days to write fifteen minutes of material and memorize it
                   Wrote five minutes and read off a script
               Going to see a midsummer's night dream
               Turned down actual job offer today in favor of grad school
               Now, assuming he gets into grad school, he will be paying $80000 instead of getting $20000 (because he would have made lots)
               Still applying to all the grad schools, hoping to be done at the end of the week
               Still grading 212
               In less than two weeks, won't be a student
               Almost done with classwork - one more assignment to do for tomorrow
               Has yet to start 451 assignment for tomorrow
               Spends very little time on 451
               Wants to apply child abuse to his chess bot
               212 is not that hard
               Not that much work
               Has not that much left, but some
               Has a thermal project due thursday that might be entirely wrong and probably is.
               Has math homework that may or may not happen
               Making cookies tonight - Gay christmas cookies!
               Is a homophobe and a racist? He is openly racist
               Also has a thermal project that may or may not matter.


       Jboning distributes kage keys to exec
       EVENT! Ice skating; pretty much self-explanatory
       EVENT next week! Geek eat; go there soon after exec
       Reserved the old cslounge for all of next week (except friday 12-4) for kgb studying space
       There will be meetings over break - only zsparks will be around, so he will play it by ear
       EVENT for next semester!
             We have no canonical first event for winter semester
             Last year it was get board get carded
             Useless people the second week?
             First week will be get board get carded or snowball fight (weather permitting)
             Second week will be useless people
             Third week will be tool training
             Fourth week will be linear regression
       Zsparks will not be a student next semester - he will look into playing his student activity fee to keep doing booth
               He's going to remain as 2VP since being a student has no bearing on being an officer
       The officer dossiers page got updated - pictures can happen at some point