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Officer Reports

               Finished his capstone
               Not studying at all
               Had a minor breakdown, then studied
               Now has handed in term paper
               Almost got fucked by not handing in term paper.
               Still not done with grad school applications
               Has to get the fucking physical letters of recommendations which are only needed at one place
               Applying to Canadian grad school, which is only a masters program
               Watched Revenge of the Nerds last night - it's incredibly bitching, except for the part where there's rape
               Zsparks's dick is 30 feet long
               Had two finals yesterday
               Has only one final left - basic logic, which is going to be a fun time
               Leaves on saturday
               Cooked today, will cook more today, which leads to not knowing what time it is
               Had two finals on Monday
               Did nothing of value yesterday
               Forgot that he had exec
               Had two finals - nature of language which was pretty easy, chem which was also pretty easy UNEXPECTEDLY
               Most people didn't study for the chem final, but she did!
               Has had two finals, one of which was nature of language, the other was physics
               Studying for orgo - oh baby - it's a non computer science course?!
               Some joke about PBR
               His notes are filled with profanities
               Forgot that he had exec


       Schedule exec for next semester - 430 on wednesdays again, probably, as far as we know now

Sweatshirt designs - we need to change the shield to black and white & make an outline for the "KGB" We have events for next semester: First week will be get board get carded or snowball fight (weather permitting) Second week will be tool training Third week will be useless people

       	Fourth week will be linear regression

Run a puzzlehunt? make one for Drew because he never gets to play

           Bubbles, Eforney, Marodrig
           Eforney will organize it! Wooo!

Twright is a shitfucker Twright is a gentleman and a shitfucking scholar